Yag laser capsulotomy

Yag laser capsulotomy is a safe, effective and painless procedure that is offered at Circle Health. This procedure can be used to treat a condition called posterior capsule opacification (PCO) that may occur after a cataract operation.

After cataract surgery, you can sometimes develop a thickening of the back (posterior) of your natural lens capsule that holds your artificial lens in place. This thickening of the capsule (posterior capsule opacity) causes your vision to become cloudy.

Yag laser capsulotomy is performed to create an opening in this cloudy membrane to restore vision and improve your eyesight.

At Circle Health, yag laser capsulotomy will be carried out by a leading consultant who specialises in this treatment. The procedure will be performed as an outpatient. The procedure is painless and takes a few minutes to complete.

During the procedure, you will receive some drops in your eye to enlarge your pupils, and anaesthetic eye drops to numb the surface of your eye.

You will then sit at a machine – like the one used to examine your eyes when you routinely visit the eye clinic – which has a special laser attached.  This allows your consultant to view the membrane clearly so they can apply the laser treatment.   The treatment itself is painless, and takes around 5 minutes. 

You should be able to leave the hospital shortly after the procedure. Most patients experience a rapid improvement in their vision, while others will notice a gradual improvement over several days. Some doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory drops to take for a few days.

Most patients may return to normal activities immediately. You will see your consultant at Circle Health for a follow up visit 1-3 weeks after the procedure.

Complications after yag laser capsulotomy are very uncommon. Like any surgery, there are some risks associated with this procedure. Before planning this procedure, your specialist consultant will discuss the benefits and risks of yag laser surgery in a private consultation to decide whether this procedure is individually suitable for you.

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