Squints in adults

What is a squint?

A squint is any misalignment of the eyes, where the two eyes do not look in the same direction. This eye condition is also called "strabismus" and commonly known as cross-eyes or crossed eyes. Most squints develop in children before the age of four but they can occur in older children and adults at any age.

There are various types of squints in adults. An optician or ophthalmologist can properly diagnose the specific type in individual patients by using a wide range of tests and optical devices.

What causes adult squints?

In adults, a squint may be due to:

  • A squint that was treated as a child but has come back over time.
  • Some adults tend to squint but have been able to control this. However, over time they may find it difficult to do this, so that a permanent squint develops.
  • Some squints develop due to an accident or illness that has affected the muscles that move the eyes.

What are the symptoms of a squint?

Symptoms of squint may be present all the time (permanent squint), or they may come and go (intermittent squint). In adults, these symptoms can include:

  • Tired eyes
  • Double vision
  • Overlapped or blurred images
  • A pulling sensation around the eyes
  • Difficulty reading
  • Loss of depth perception

What treatments are available?

Treatment depends on the type of squint and the underlying cause. Adults with mild, intermittent squint may be able to use glasses and eye muscle exercises to help keep the eyes straight.

More severe forms of adult strabismus will require squint correction surgery. If your squint has occurred because of vision loss, then you will first need treatment to correct this vision loss before getting squint surgery.

At Circle Health, we can arrange a private clinical appointment for you to visit a leading consultant ophthalmologist who specialises in squint correction for adults. They can closely assess your condition, and advise you about type of squint treatment that would be most appropriate for you.

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