Physiotherapy for muscular aches and pains

What are muscular aches and pains?

Muscular aches and pains are a common complaint and one which normally falls in to two categories. Modern lifestyles and the associated sedentary working positions often give rise to muscular aches and pains throughout the neck and shoulders. Conversely, training and participating in sports can give rise to muscular aches and pains throughout the body depending on the sports.

Our expert physiotherapists at Circle Health will take an in depth history of the lifestyle, any sports training which has been undertaken and any schedule that need to be kept in terms of sports training.

An in depth assessment from our expert physiotherapists will examine any working postures including seat design, desk and computer height and a review of equipment use such as mice and keyboards.

For all patients presenting with muscular aches and pains our physiotherapists will also perform tests to assess joint mobility as well as muscular flexibility throughout the affected body area/s and adjacent body area/s. Strength tests of the lower limb, spinal and upper limb muscles are conducted which mimic the positions and movements needed for each individual and may help in planning a more specific rehabilitation regime.

For patients who are suffering with muscular aches and pains due to static positions, our physiotherapists can offer expertise in manual treatment. This may include manipulation to the stiff areas of the spine as well as soft tissue work to increase the flexibility in stiff muscle groups. Furthermore, soft tissue work such as massage can aid the blood flow to painful muscle groups and help to alleviate pain.

When sat in static postures it is often the case that some of our spinal muscles and muscles around out hips and shoulders may become weak. Our physiotherapists will also help individuals suffering from muscular aches and pains by developing specific strengthening plans to address any muscular imbalances and weakness.

For sportsmen and sportswomen muscular strength is often excellent but our physiotherapists will still be able to help with aggressive sports massages to aid recovery as well as developing muscular stretching plans.

Muscular aches and pains following sports training often peak approximately forty-eight hours after training. These muscular aches and pains will improve with repeated training but may still persist in periods of intense training or following unaccustomed exercises.

For individuals who are suffering with posturally induced muscular aches and pains, the muscle imbalances and flexibility issues are often long term. As such, the symptoms can take many months to resolve even with appropriate physiotherapy treatment.

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