Pelvic ultrasound examination

What is a Pelvic Ultrasound Examination?

An ultrasound scan is a means of imaging the body in "real time", using high frequency sound waves which are not audible to the human ear. A pelvic ultrasound examination is used in order to examine the following structures:

- Uterus
- Endometrial Lining
- Ovaries
- Pelvic area

It is useful in diagnosis of conditions like fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, fertility assessment and checking ovulation. It is also used for assessment of endometrial lining and follicle tracking in relation to IVF or clomiphene cycles.

What does it involve?

A Pelvic scan is performed abdominally, where gel is applied to the stomach area, and a sensor is used against the skin in order to gain images. It is also performed trans-vaginally (unless there is contra-indication for this route), where a probe is inserted into the vagina in order to gain clear images of the inside structures of the vagina.

If you can have a transvaginal scan, you will be asked to empty your bladder before starting. If, however, you cannot have a transvaginal scan, you will need to have a full bladder for better images through the abdomen.

After the scan the images will be examined further and a report on the findings will be passed to your Doctor.

When will I recover?

Pelvic Ultrasound Examination can be done as an outpatient and you will be able to go home immediately afterwards.

What risks should I know about?

There are no known risks, as ultrasound is considered to be very safe - it uses sound waves of a harmless frequency.

How can I book this scan?

This scan can be requested by your Gynaecologist, GP or IVF unit as part of their investigations. In some cases you may also be able to refer yourself for this scan, please contact us for more details.


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