Midfoot fusions

What is midfoot fusion?

When the joints in the middle of your foot become arthritic, your foot becomes painful and walking can become difficult. A midfoot fusion is when the bones in your midfoot are fused together. As a result of the surgery, these joints will become rigid and your pain will be improved. The loss of movement in the joints is not noticeable as these joints normally have very little movement.

What does this involve?

The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthetic and you will require an overnight stay in hospital. Incisions are made over the top of your foot as required for access to the joints affected. The surfaces are then removed from these joints which are then placed into their correct positions and held together with screws, plates, and/or staples.

When will I recover?

For the first few weeks following surgery you will need to elevate your foot as much as possible to reduce swelling. This will both make the foot more comfortable and help the wounds to heal.

After the operation, you will not be able to put weight through your foot for two weeks. At two weeks, you will have your stitches removed and you will be placed in a light-weight cast. Using crutches, for six weeks you can place about half your weight through this cast when walking. At eight weeks after surgery, you will be placed in a removable boot to walk in for four more weeks and will be able to put all your weight through this boot. At three months following surgery, you will be able to return to normal shoe wear. The swelling can take from six months to a year to completely resolve.


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