Long-sightedness – which is also known as far-sightedness, hypermetropia or hyperopia – is a common eye problem. People who are farsighted often see distant objects clearly, while objects nearby will often appear blurry.

Long-sightedness is often confused with presbyopia. Both conditions cause near-vision problems for different reasons.  Presbyopia tends to occur as we age, while long-sightedness is more common in childhood. In most cases, these children will grow out of hyperopia as their eyes get bigger.

Farsightedness tends to run in families but you don't need to have an affected parent to develop it.

The most common signs and symptoms of hyperopia are:

  • Difficulty focusing on close-up objects
  • Aching eyes, eyestrain or a burning feeling around the eyes
  • Continued squinting or closing of eyelids to see clearly
  • Headaches while reading or after close-up work
  • When should I see a doctor?

If you or your child have any of these symptoms and they interfere with your daily activities, you should see your GP or local optician. You will usually be referred for consultation with an ophthalmologist for a more in-depth eye examination.

The most common way to manage long-sightedness is through glasses and contact lenses. There are now also several advanced treatments and techniques for long-sightedness.  For example, these include laser surgery and the use of intraocular lenses (IOL) that can be implanted during refractive lens surgery. Other innovative procedures for treating hyperopia are also becoming available.

At Circle Health, we offer a range of the latest treatments for long-sightedness. We can arrange a private clinical appointment for you to visit a leading consultant ophthalmologist who specialises in managing long-sightedness. He or she can determine the degree of farsightedness you have, and recommend ways to correct the vision.

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