Compartment pressure testing

What is Compartment Pressure Testing?

Our expert consultants at Circle understand the effects an athletic and active lifestyle can have on your body. High levels of exertion can take its toll and put pressure on your muscles, causing on-going pain. If, during exercise, the level of pressure on your muscles is too high, it can have a detrimental effect on the muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. Compartment Pressure Testing assists us in diagnosing the painful area of the muscles and the level of pressure it is experiencing. Once the compartments have been located, it can then be treated.

What does compartment pressure testing involve?

The procedure is mildly invasive and involves exercising until the pain occurs. After exercise, the muscle compartments experiencing the symptoms are tested using a needle to gauge the amount of pressure present. The results will then determine the course of action required for further treatment.

Compartment pressure testing recovery time

You should be able to go home the same day, but further treatment depends on the results of the test. In some cases, further treatment requires a surgical procedure. Your consultant will discuss your results and treatment with you.

What risks should I know about?

Due to the nature of the test and the use of needles, you may experience some pain.

There are many types of sports related injuries that can cause pain, therefore a thorough examination and consultation would be done before carrying out Compartment Pressure Testing.


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Fast-track your treatment: just enter your details below and we’ll ring you to provide a quote and answer your questions

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