The Circle Credo

The Circle Credo

Our credo provides the foundation for everything we do at Circle Health

Our purpose:

To build a great company dedicated to our patients.

Our parameters:

We focus our efforts exclusively on what we are passionate about. What we can become best at. What drives our economic sustainability.

Our principles:

  • We are, above all, the agents of our patients.
  • We aim to exceed their expectations every time so that we earn their trust and loyalty.
  • We strive to continuously improve the quality and the value of the care we give our patients.
  • We empower our people to do their best. Our people are our greatest asset.
  • We should select them attentively and invest in them passionately.
  • As everyone matters, everyone who contributes should be a partner in all that we do. In return, we expect them to give their patients all that they can.
  • We are unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence.
  • We embrace innovation and learn from our mistakes.
  • We measure everything we do and we share the data with all to judge.
  • Pursuing our ambition to be the best healthcare provider is a never-ending process.
  • ‘Good enough’ never is.

People who work at Circle Health are partners. This means everyone is empowered to take ownership and accountability for their work, so they can make the best decisions for patients. Our approach to enable this is below:


  • Power: All clinical units are empowered to make the best decisions around their services as they need to.
  • Clinicians and managers: Our leadership is driving and supporting the front-line delivery.
  • The team: Aligned to a common vision, with a clear understanding of how they contribute to achieve this.
  • A culture: In which every partner feels they can make a difference, knows their contribution is valued, understands their responsibilities and takes pride in the outcomes they achieve.


As part of our approach to developing empowered professionals, we ensure that we cultivate the following four core capabilities in all our partners.

  1. To know immediately when something goes wrong.
  2. To drive improvement through problem-solving.
  3. To share new knowledge throughout the organisation.
  4. To lead and develop others to design, improve and share knowledge.

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