Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from cosmetic surgery?

Everyone will have different expectations, but it’s important to be honest and realistic when you speak with your consultant. We believe it’s important you are aware of the commitment and patience needed, along with potential areas of disappointment if complications should arise.

A consultation is an essential opportunity to meet your consultant and talk through treatment options and processes involved in the procedures offered. It is also the ideal time to learn what to expect, the risks involved and your recovery time – all before you make any commitments. There will never be any pressure to proceed with treatments. We will encourage you to take as much time as you wish, so you can reflect and talk to family and friends.

Surgical procedures are invasive, so like all surgery, you can expect some scars to be present. It is also likely you will need some time off work as you will need to take time out to recover. The amount varies and depends on the nature and extent of surgery involved.

Following a surgical procedure, you will be taken from the operating theatre into the recovery suite where you will be looked after until you are fully awake. After this, you will have your own space to relax where nursing staff will check your dressings, monitor your pulse and blood pressure at regular intervals and keep you comfortable.

Before you leave hospital, we will arrange a follow up appointment with your surgeon on a date convenient for you. This appointment is a good time to discuss any concerns or questions you have whilst you are recovering.

When will I recover?

The recovery time needed will vary depending on the procedure. Your consultant will give specific advice around this, but some general advice is given below.

After cosmetic procedures you are likely to have some discomfort/pain, swelling and bruising. These are temporary and should subside quickly after the first few weeks. You should follow your surgeon's advice regarding how long to avoid driving but you certainly should not begin driving again until you are confident that you can safely perform an emergency stop without experiencing any discomfort.

Depending on the procedure, your consultant may advise you to avoid moderate to strenuous exercise, heavy lifting and swimming for four to six weeks after surgery. Your surgeon will also advise you on how long you are required to wear any supportive garments relevant to the procedure and whether this should be worn both day and night.

At your post-operative follow-up appointment your surgeon will assess your progress and give advice on when you can resume your normal activities. The length of time you will need to take off work will completely depend on your type of employment.

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