Mike Dye

Sports Therapist

    Mike Dye graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2010 with an honours degree in Sports and Exercise Therapy.

    Since graduating, he has worked with many sports clubs, including Wallingford Hockey Club and Henley Cricket Club. He now specialises in rugby rehabilitation. He works closely with Reading Abbey, Maidenhead, and Bracknell Rugby Club, as well as the Berkshire and Oxfordshire rugby teams. His work has taken him to Dubai and Menorca with the Hollywood Sevens rugby team, and travelling around England, including to Twickenham, for the Super Sevens rugby tournament with Apache.

    Mike leads several fitness classes at Circle as well as seeing clients on an individual basis. He uses a variety of methods – sports massage, mobilisations, exercise programmes, taping, brace fitting, and electrotherapy – to enable his patients to receive the best treatment management to take them to a full recovery. He is currently involved in designing a non-surgical weight loss programme.

    In his spare time, Mike is an all-round sportsman who enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, badminton, and football.

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