Sports Rehabilitation in Reading, Berkshire

If you’re recovering from a recent injury or looking to return to sport, our expert team at Circle Rehabilitation can help accelerate your recovery or performance.

We provide a premium service to support sportsmen and women with a professional medical team around them in a unique, advanced rehabilitation unit.

Our patients include both elite athletes and keen amateurs. Our approach creates a new standard for how rehabilitation is provided in Britain: we’ve brought to the UK best-practice from around the world, by partnering with a major European rehabilitation provider, VAMED. This has allowed us to introduce a major upgrade in the quality of care, with an investment in technology, know-how and luxury that’s simply not readily available elsewhere.

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How we can help you


Sports injury clinic


Rotator cuff injury


Low back pain


Ankle sprain

Have a different sports injury? We would love to help you with your recovery at Circle Rehabilitation.

For a no-obligation chat about your options, or to book an initial assessment with our therapy team, please call the Circle Rehabilitation team on 0118 922 6970 or email

Why choose Circle Rehabilitation?

By choosing Circle Rehabilitation, you will have access to a wide range of medical professionals all in one place. We aim to exceed expectations and continually strive to earn your loyalty and trust. Although the majority of our sports rehabilitation patients will come to see us as an outpatient, our facilities also cater for those travelling from further afield, as we have private accommodation on site. Revolutionary technology to help accelerate recovery We have invested in some of the best equipment and technologies, to help accelerate your recovery. Below is just a snapshot of some of this equipment:

  • Anti-gravity treadmill – driven by technology from NASA, this helps to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury
  • Gait analysis – analyses biomechanics and helps to identify why pain is occurring
  • Spinal strengthening technology – to help strengthen core muscles
  • Continual Passive Motion device – helps you to regain your range of movement
  • Premium gym and exercise equipment – ensuring you have quality equipment at your disposal.

Other equipment includes ALiteGait, Megapulse electrotherapy, aquatic treadmill, red laser treatment to accelerate wound healing, Biodex Balance SD, GameReady (ice and compression), physiology and fitness testing, body composition analysis, Moveo platforms (neurological) and Bioness electrical stimulation.

Find out more about our sports injury clinic here.


At Circle Rehabilitation, your initial assessment will identify your current issues and build a treatment plan which includes goals and outcome measures to work towards. Whether it’s just a single assessment or a more extensive package, we can help.



This package aims to treat specific injuries that have recently occurred, helping you recover as quickly as possible:

  • 1-2 weeks’ duration depending on complexity
  • Typical plans include 3-4 hours of treatment per day (will vary. If intensive daily therapy isn’t possible for you because of other commitments, therapies can provided separately at times convenient to you)
  • Intensively daily input from the treatment team
  • Discharge management plan overseen by the medical lead, with summaries from key members of the team for onward treatment

Return to Sport

This package aims to help you return to the sport you love, with a targeted programme specific to your needs:

  • Sport-specific rehabilitation
  • Medical review with sports physician at assessment and post-treatment review
  • Physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Sports nutrition assessment and management plan
  • Strength and conditioning assessment and management plan
  • Orthotic and podiatry assessment (with Gait analysis if required)
  • Physiological testing – VO2 max, body composition, lactate threshold
  • Discharge management plan with summaries from key members of the team

Packages can be delivered as weekly half-day sessions, or at several times throughout the week, including early morning and evening appointments, depending on your availability and commitments.

Performance Package

Whether you’re taking on your first 5K run or are preparing for your annual marathon or triathlon, our performance package can give you all the specialist support you need to get you ready. You will be offered a bespoke package which may include the following recommendations –

  • Medical screening by a sports physician, with access to cardiac screening if clinically indicated and blood screening as required
  • Musculoskeletal screening and biomechanical assessment with a physiotherapist
  • Isokinetic screening and analysis
  • Orthotic and podiatry assessment (with Gait analysis if required)
  • Physiological testing – VO2 max, body composition, lactate threshold
  • 6-12 week programme of weekly strength and conditioning sessions
  • Nutritional assessment and management plan (with blood screening as required)
  • Educational component on lifestyle and wellbeing (sleep, hydration, stress management, immunity/hygiene measures)
  • Sports psychology

Get in touch

For a no obligation discussion about your options, or to book an initial assessment, please call the Circle Rehabilitation team using the number at the top of the page or email We welcome referrals from consultants, general practitioners, insurers and directly by patients. We can provide assistance to individuals, embassies and overseas patients on admissions, and we welcome enquiries from patients and their families to determine the most appropriate care we can offer.

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