The last word in aquatic therapy, offering water-based movement and exercise in an easy access unit with underwater lighting and temperature control.

The Hydro Physio is a walk-in unit with an integrated treadmill which can be filled with water from calf- to shoulder-height. It allows you to improve your gait, walking forwards, backwards and sideways to improve your balance and strength in a controlled way.  You can also perform exercises on it such as squats. It lets you start rehabilitation sooner and recover more quickly than land-based therapies.

The buoyancy of the water reduces the load on painful joints, water resistance cushions weak muscles and limbs, and the warm water temperature relaxes muscles and reduces pain. The Hydro Physio is an alternative to the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill offering more assistance, suitable for those recovering from spinal, lower and upper limb injuries and for neurological patients.

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