The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill uses technology originally developed for astronauts by NASA to speed up your rehabilitation by getting you moving sooner in a pain-free environment, or to enable you to train longer and harder than you could unaided, without risk of injury.

With specially developed shorts that zip into the device like a canoe spray deck, it calibrates by measuring your weight. Then by generating a vacuum, it can be used to take away up to 80% of your body weight, reducing impact on damaged joints and creating an optimum environment for gait re-education, running and exercises. Progression can be provided by gradually increasing the weight-bearing load or the speed and incline of the treadmill.

Mo Farah and Gareth Bale are among the many athletes to use the AlterG, for training and recovery. It is suitable for patients with almost any lower limb injury that prevents you from running, apart from unstable fractures.

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