Cutting-edge technology and equipment

Our facilities boast some of the latest equipment and technologies, to help accelerate your recovery or manage your condition. Some of these include:


Spinal strengthening technology
To help strengthen core muscles.

Spinal strengthening technology
To help strengthen core muscles.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Helps to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury. Read more.

Gait Analysis
Analyse biomechanics and helps to identify why pain is occurring. Read more.

Spinal Strengthening Technology
To help strengthen core muscles.
Read more.

Biodex Balance System SD
Helps to increase balance and agility.

Hi-Tech Hydro Physio
To relieve joint and muscle pain and increase range of motion. Read more.

Biodex System 4
Measures the control and strenth of isolated muscle groups. Read more.

Shockwave Therapy
To stimulate healing of muscles. Read more.

Premium Gym and Exercise Equipment
Ensuring you have quality equipment at your disposal. Read more.

Partial weight-bearing rehabilitation equipment. Read more.

Other equipment includes

GameReady (ice and compression), MOTOmed movement trainer (neurological), Megapulse Senior 265 shortwave therapy unit.

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