Neev tells her story as a Circle Rehabilitation patient

Neev is a notable DJ, playing on national radio shows and to packed crowds at nightclubs. Last year, she had microdiscectomy surgery at Circle Reading Hospital for a slipped disc in her spine. She suspected her condition may have been caused by improper lifting at her job, and pain after the birth of her daughter only reinforced it was time to find treatment. “It was just such a kind of freeing feeling, from being literally trapped in that world of pain for so long,” she said following her surgery. “It was euphoric.”

Her priorities for Circle Rehabilitation were to get back quickly to DJing, and above all to be able to pick up her baby daughter and run around with her with no complications. She had an assessment with deputy physiotherapy lead Stuart Wylie, who at each consultation gave her a different set of exercises to practice to strengthen different parts of the body. Circle Rehabilitation — the team, the equipment — helped her regain the confidence to return to performing in front of big audiences. Later, she started weekly Pilates classes at the hospital in a small group, also led by Stuart, which she loved doing, pushing herself a bit further every week. “I have seen my body completely change,” she says. “I would say now that my core and my body are stronger than they were way before I had the baby and way before my back problems.”

Watch Neev in the video above describe her rehabilitation journey at Circle, from “gingerly walking in the room two weeks after my surgery to sort of bounding in confidently.”

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