GB Athletes Visit Circle Rehabilitation

On 22nd December Circle Rehabilitation welcomed GB Athletes, Lily Partridge and Ben Connor to the centre for an afternoon with our team. Lily and Ben, GB elite distance runners, had numerous assessments to help support their training programmes using the wide range of equipment and technology we have on offer. Our facilities boast some of the latest equipment and technologies, to help accelerate your recovery, tailor training programmes or manage your condition. Some of these are detailed below. 

The Foot scan force plate is a comprehensive gait analysis device allowing the real time data capture of motion forces during walking, dynamic balancing and running activities. It can be used to measure power and velocity during a gait cycle to highlight potential injury risks during activities that involve the foot and lower limb. This provides a foundation to provide conditioning and strength programmes and to aid awareness of foot mobility and mechanics.

Movement screening is a comprehensive series of tests performed to help gain a better understanding of the patient/athletes mobility, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and co-ordination. This can help to identify potential areas for improvement that may enhance performance and reduce risk of injury.

The Alter G antigravity treadmill uses NASA developed technology to provide a safe objectively measured environment in which to return to walking and/or running following injury or surgery. The AlterG allows for up to an 80% reduction in weight-bearing to aid rehabilitation during early and late-stage recovery to help get patients/athletes moving sooner, quicker and harder in a pain free environment.


The isokinetic strength testing machine is a device used to accurately measure the maximum strength of a joint throughout full or a selected  range of movement. The test produces strength and force data that provides comparable data of left to right symmetry. This can used to assess and measure strength and power following injury, post-surgery or as part of pre-season strength data collection used a baseline to design strength and conditioning programmes, rehabilitation progressions and as an objective guide to safely returning to sport or work.

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