Neurological rehabilitation and outpatient exercise programme

Neurological rehabilitation and outpatient exercise programme

Neurological rehabilitation and outpatient exercise programme at Circle Rehabilitation

Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and stroke can cause changes in physical, mental and emotional function. Here at Circle we offer outpatient programmes to help you regain movement and function in a safe way.

Should you have a neurological disorder or disease it will usually mean that certain areas of your brain are no longer able to function properly. Depending on the severity and location of the affected areas, you may experience changes in your capacity for:

Balance: This involves a number of the systems in your body working together. Neurological conditions have the potential to cause dysfunction in one of these systems, or in the ability of these systems to coordinate with one another.

Movement: It is common for neurological conditions to cause difficulty with movement. This can be caused by muscle weakness or by contraction/spasm of muscles and can vary in severity and scope.

Swallowing: If the brain stem is affected, a loss in swallowing function is common.

Function: this is as way of describing your ability to carry out everyday tasks. It is very common for a person with a neurological condition to experience a significant loss in function initially.

A well-researched exercise programme has the potential to help improve difficulties with balance, movement and swallowing and to improve or restore function.

Neurological rehabilitation is a process designed to help patients suffering a neurological disease or disorder to address any dysfunctions caused by their condition and then to restore as much function as possible for everyday living. It is always guided and monitored by a healthcare professional.

As an outpatient, we would normally see you once a week for an hour-long session, although this can be flexible to suit your needs. In your session we would discuss what you can do in your own time to compliment the 1:1 physiotherapy sessions.

While we aim to restore as much function as possible when a person is an inpatient with us, we know that ongoing support is important to ensure maximum benefit. Our outpatient programmes are one way of providing ongoing support to people once they have been discharged from us as an inpatient.

Your outpatient exercise programme will be tailored to your specific requirements by our physiotherapist. As an expert in movement and function, they will assess you to determine what areas you need help with and will then liaise with other medical professionals to create a plan tailored just for you. This programme may include:

Exercises for balance

Starting with simple exercises, such as standing with or without assistance, you might also benefit from using the Biodex Balance System SD, a specialist piece of equipment that helps to increase balance and agility in a safe and effective way.

Exercises for movement

We have a number of specialist treadmills – including the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and the Hydro Physio – that provide you with a safe way to regain muscle strength and increase confidence when standing and moving. We also have a comprehensive range of mobility aids to help you gradually increase the distance you are able to move safely.

Exercises for speech and swallow

Regaining as much function as possible for language, speech and swallowing is so important in those with neurological conditions, and our speech and language therapist can help to optimise your ability to communicate and to swallow safely

Combat PD Class – exercise specifically for people with Parkinson’s

We hold a Combat PD class weekly which is run by our PD Warrior-trained physiotherapist. This class uses a combination of bodyweight exercises, exercise bands and other gym equipment to ensure a thorough, safe and effective workout. The exercises used are specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease and are intended to combat some of the movement challenges associated with this condition.

An effective exercise programme requires input from a variety of medical specialists – physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, dietician, speech and language therapist, medical consultant and psychologists to name but a few! At Circle Rehabilitation, our team works closely with one other to ensure we provide the best outpatient support as possible to our neurology patients.

The effectiveness of any rehabilitation outpatient exercise programme is dependent on you having exercise-related goals to aim for. We will spend time with you planning and setting specific goals, all aimed at helping you regain as much function as possible.

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Having read about our neurological rehabilitation outpatient exercise programme, please do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how we can help. We would love to help support you through your neurological rehabilitation as an outpatient.

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