Neurological inpatient rehabilitation grows at Circle

A stroke patient is now feeling happier going back to their own him in a few weeks, despite their original discharge destination of a Care Home.

Circle Rehabilitation’s leadership are proud of this and more recent outcomes of the burgeoning neurological inpatient service. It’s even motivated the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to directly refer four more patients in October to the Rehabilitation centre in Circle Reading Hospital.

“[It] is a modern healthcare facility with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere,” said Dr Hamid Sultan, Lead Consultant Neurorehabilitation at Circle Rehabilitation.

Dr Hamid Sultan, Lead Consultant Neurorehabilitation (left), collaborates in multidisciplinary teams.

Patients’ treatments are accelerated thanks to unique features inspired by the European model of rehabilitation. Multidisciplinary teams collaborate with patients on tailoring intensive therapy programmes. The equipment is state-of-the-art. And families can stayover in the same room as the patient.

“Imagine the cost savings over the next 20 years to the NHS and Social Care by changing the pathway for this patient,” said David Griffiths, Operational Lead at Circle Rehabilitation.

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