Jayne shares her story as a Circle Rehabilitation patient

Jayne had an objective: leave the hospital walking confidently with one stick.
She had hip replacement surgery at Circle Health, and after one week of Circle Rehabilitation she surpassed her goal. She walked out with no sticks.
“What I have managed to achieve through working with these folks has been nothing short of amazing,” she said.


Jayne: My name’s Jayne and I needed a full hip-replacement. And then when I came to Circle Bath to do my pre-op, that was when they told me that there was this thing called the accelerated rehabilitation programme, over here at Reading, Circle Reading. Both Circle Bath and Circle Reading are not like hospitals, you don’t feel like you’re in a hospital. The environment is far more like you’re staying in a hotel.

Mr Shawn Tavares: The rehabilitation here at Circle Reading Hospital is, is unique in this country. What’s unique is that it’s done in an extremely, very pleasant, very lovely facility in which they have access to the catering, the gym, to medical input on a regular basis.

Hannah Baxendale: I think the ambience and the layout of the building is particularly good for patients that come to rehab, because they’re not necessarily, they don’t feel like they’re in a hospital setting, even though we have that back-up for them, they’re very much in their own room, with their own bathrooms, it’s a tucked-away facility for them, they’ve got access 24/7 to the patient lounge, which we give them access cards to, they can have, you know, family, friends in whenever they want, we have, you know, facility for people to stay in the bedrooms with them.

Claire Gurrie: The equipment we use is key to the patients’ rehabilitation, and sometimes we do need to use equipment, not just the manual therapy that the therapists are offering, so we’ve invested in some, some DAVID machines have come over Nordic Health, which will enhance the patient’s recovery, but also enable them to become more independent so they’re not totally reliant on the therapists, we’ve got the antigravity treadmill and we’ve got the aqua treadmill, which are unique to rehabilitation units, but will just enhance the journey the patients follow because they can do so much more so much more quickly.

David Bevan: We’re a close team, we work very closely together, we all have different skills, different skill sets, that we kind of use each other to facilitate someone’s rehabilitation.

Dr Hamid Sultan: You can see how pleased the team are, and how grateful the patient is when they leave, after staying in the unit away from home, away from work, being in a different environment from their natural environment they enjoyed before.

Jayne: Well, my, my goal was to leave hospital at the end of that week, confident with one stick, and by the time I left at the end of that week, I left with no sticks, walking confidently. I’m so far down the road, I can get dressed, I can bend, I can lift, I can reach. I can kneel down, I’m doing Pilates classes, I’m doing group exercise classes, I’m going swimming. I don’t think I would be doing that if I hadn’t come here. I would recommend it to anyone, just invest in your health. It’s brilliant.

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