Hip and knee offer

Hip and knee offer

Having a hip or knee replacement at Circle?

Get 5 nights of intensive rehabilitation for £1,650 when you pay for your own treatment*

Pay for your own hip or knee replacement at a Circle hospital before 30th June 2020 to qualify for an exclusive package. This aftercare package is specifically designed to speed up your recovery following surgery, helping you get back to doing the things you love, faster.

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What is the package?

After your hip or knee replacement, you can usually expect to stay in hospital for two nights until being discharged home. But what if you’d like more support with your recovery?

This exclusive package gives you the chance to move up to our specialist rehabilitation unit straight after being discharged from the surgical ward. Alternatively, it may be more beneficial to return for your rehabilitation six weeks after being discharged when you can work more intensively on building strength and flexibility in your new joint. Our team of therapists are on hand to help you with this decision should you need it.

About the package: what’s included?

Our team will work with you to discuss your goals to help build a bespoke package around your needs. We’ll work with you to regain your confidence and strength in your new joint, in a controlled and relaxed environment.

Our rehabilitation packages are both bespoke and intensive. If returning to a particular activity is your goal then everything in your package will focus around the best techniques to help you achieve this. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum value during your stay, helping to accelerate your recovery after your operation.

Broadly, here’s what your package will include:

  • Up to three hours of therapy a day.
  • You’ll work with a range of specialists during your stay. These could include rehabilitation consultants, physiotherapists, sports therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, dietitians and nurses.
  • Based on your therapy plan, you’ll have access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment on-site, including:
  • Use of our unique rehabilitation ward with patient lounge
  • Delicious, nutritious meals freshly prepared to your needs
  • Free parking and Wi-Fi so it’s easy for friends and family to visit
  • Modern en-suite rooms, with TV and radio available.
When should I take the package?

When you decide to take the package, you have two main options. Your choice of whether to start immediately or after six weeks will depend entirely on you and your goals. If you’re after reassurance, support and guidance through your first week after surgery, taking the rehabilitation package immediately may suit you better.

If you’d like some time to settle into a routine after getting home, but then want to maximise the benefits of your new joint further down the line, waiting until six weeks after surgery could be a good option.

Here’s some advantages to both options:

Immediately: the benefits

  • Immediate support to help regain confidence and strength.
  • Allows a repeated focus on walking, stairs use, and transferring to and from chairs. These exercises, alongside other activities of daily living, will be done under the close supervision of an expert therapy team.
  • Ensure any pain and swelling is well controlled, so movement within the joint is encouraged and the muscles can start to be stimulated again.
  • Provide you with reassurance and guidance during the early stages of your recovery
  • Please note, this is likely to span a weekend where the therapy input will be up to two hours rather than three hours. Please contact the team for more information on expected scheduling.

Six weeks after surgery: the benefits

  • Waiting until six weeks after surgery means the post-operative pain will have considerably subsided and healing has been progressing. This is an ideal chance to accelerate your recovery further with longer term goals.
  • We’ll work with you to focus on progressive strengthening, ensuring range of movement is maximised and adverse muscle tension is released.
  • We’ll ensure any residual pain and swelling is managed.
  • You will usually arrive on a Monday and be discharged on a Friday for this package.

About Circle Rehabilitation and how we can help

Circle Rehabilitation offers a wide range of healthcare services to the general public. We help people across two key areas: neurological and musculoskeletal (bones & joints) rehabilitation.

Our team builds on the expertise of hundreds of consultants already working in Circle hospitals. Our dedicated rehabilitation team includes neurological rehabilitation doctors, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, speech therapists and dietitians, who all work closely together in what we call a multi-disciplinary team.

Find out more about us here.

Terms and conditions

*To be eligible for this exclusive offer, you must be over 18, have paid for your own hip or knee replacement at a Circle hospital (as a self-paying patient), and be booked in for your procedure before Tuesday 30th June 2020. Subject to availability. Transport is not included if travelling to Circle Rehabilitation in Reading from another Circle hospital. Circle reserves the right to amend or end this offer at any point.

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