At geriatric symposium, VAMED highlights goals and opportunities

Each geriatric patient has a unique medical history, a unique life story and a unique life plan. Still, there is a common thread amongst the geriatric patients at VAMED’s Kneipp-Hof Dussang: the goal of a high quality of life.

Dr Monika Schwartländer, Head of Geriatric Rehabilitation at Kneipp-Hof Dussang, presented goals and opportunities in September at a symposium at Kneipp-Hof Dussang, one of the leading orthopaedic rehabilitation centres in Switzerland.

The symposium celebrated the local canton’s recent mandate for Kneipp-Hof Dussang to treat geriatric patients. Healthcare experts – doctors, authors and academia invited from across Switzerland – contributed to panel discussions and shared best practices.

Kneipp-Hof Dussnang gives patients the opportunity for accelerated treatment with state-of-the art therapeutic equipment and a generous medical wellness areas: an herbal steam bath, ice grotto, Kneipp garden with barefoot path and a relaxing Japanese garden. Meals are served in an a la carte restaurant.


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