Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic at Circle Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic at Circle Rehabilitation

For people living with, or recovering from, a heart condition

Circle Rehabilitation Birmingham offers a specialised clinic for people who are living with a heart condition, or who are recovering from heart surgery or a heart attack.

We’re here to help you live life to the fullest, accelerating your recovery and helping you get back to doing the things you love.

Everyone’s experience is different, and we will put together a bespoke treatment programme for every person, tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Our rehabilitation programmes are medically-led - your care and rehabilitation is overseen by one of our specialist rehabilitation consultants and physiciansOur cardiac rehabilitation team is made up of specialists who have the expertise to help you improve your mobility, devise an exercise schedule which is optimised for you, increase your confidence, cope with stress and anxiety and form a plan for your next steps.

People with a heart condition, for example angina, or who are recovering following heart surgery or a heart attack, may be unsure about the best evidence-based options for their rehabilitation.

We see patients who are experiencing all sorts of cardiological problems, from long-term conditions such as angina and coronary heart disease, to post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation after heart attack.

Our evidence-based cardiac rehabilitation programmes incorporate everything from exercise sessions to emotional support, to education about heart-healthy lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk factors in the long term.

If any of the following seem familiar to you, then Circle Rehabilitation may be able to help:

  • Feeling unsure about how much and how often to exercise
  • Questions about nutrition and heart health
  • Struggling to maintain a healthy weight
  • Difficultly keeping blood pressure and cholesterol at a safe level
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious

All our rehabilitation programmes at Circle Rehabilitation are medically led. That means a specialist rehabilitation consultant oversees and designs our programmes. We only rely on evidence-based therapies, and we always work towards the goals that you set for your own rehabilitation.

Our specialist rehabilitation clinic are fully equipped with some of the latest rehabilitation equipment to help you in your recovery or to manage your condition.

Your needs are as individual as you, and your health needs will be different to someone else’s. That’s why, at Circle Rehabilitation, we develop a personalised plan based entirely around you.


You set your private rehabilitation goals, and we work towards them together.


Your treatment plan is adjusted every day based on how you’re doing. We measure your progress daily and can adapt your treatment plan as needed.


We know that everyone is different, so we’ll make sure that your treatment plan is:


  • tailored just for you
  • based on up-to-date evidence-based practice
  • reviewed daily to ensure you’re making the progress you should be

Our multidisciplinary team of private healthcare specialists includes consultants, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and dieticians.


You will also benefit from our close working relationship with the 50+ hospitals in the Circle Health Group, giving you access to specialist private treatments and services including radiology, pharmacy, and clinical expertise from leading private healthcare consultants.

Some people who have a heart condition, or who have had surgery on their heart, will greatly benefit from a specialised recovery programme.

This rehabilitation can involve physical therapy, exercise and the use of specialised therapeutic equipment. The sooner you can start your therapy, the better.

Unfortunately, though, due to the ever-increasing demand on resources in the healthcare system, many people who require it can find themselves waiting days or weeks to receive any form of cardiac rehabilitation. This means days or weeks of pain and distress that could have been avoided.

If you could benefit from the expertise of our cardiac rehabilitation team, get in touch with us today to find out more.

For a no-obligation chat about your options, or to book an initial assessment, call the Circle Rehabilitation team on 0800 096 3236 or email

Once we’ve spoken with you, your case will be reviewed by one of our specialist consultants who will be able to assess your requirements. We deal with all enquiries quickly, as we know how important your rehabilitation is for you.

If we think we’ll be able to help you with your cardiology rehabilitation, we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting with you. This can be done at one of our Rehabilitation Centres if you live nearby and are able to travel, or alternatively we can visit you at home. If you live a significant distance from our centres, we can carry out our initial assessment over the phone instead.

Our Birmingham centre is ideally placed in the West Midlands for people in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stoke, Shrewsbury, Worcester and beyond.

We have people coming to us from all over the UK to benefit from the amazing level of care and support we can offer. You don’t have to be living near one of our Rehab Centres to benefit from our facilities, as we offer high quality on-site accommodation.

  • A private ensuite room, with TV, films and music available
  • Use of our exclusive patient recreational area
  • Option of a guest bed (please contact us for our price list)
  • Unrestricted visiting hours
  • 24-hour car parking for family and friends
  • Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary tea and coffee for you and your family
  • Appetising menu prepared by our on-site team of chefs
  • Free newspaper of your choice

We would love to help you with your recovery at Circle Rehabilitation, whether at our centre of excellence in Birmingham or at one of more than 50 clinics across our UK network. Let us assist you to create a bespoke package tailored around your needs.

For a no-obligation chat about your options, or to book an initial assessment, please call the Circle Rehabilitation team on 0800 096 3236 or email

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