Premium gym exercise equipment

Premium gym exercise equipment

Circle Rehabilitation has a range of premium gym equipment, for rehab exercises, and also has the capability to perform physiological testing for sports performance, including lactate threshold and VO2 max testing.

The Concept2 is the best-selling make of indoor rowing machine across the world. It includes a performance monitor which offers immediate feedback on every pull you take, and performance data at the end of the session calibrated so you can compare yourself against anyone using a Concept2 rower worldwide. The variable damper setting and option of using partial or no leg compression makes the Concept2 particularly suitable for rehabilitation.

Lactate values help determine, more accurately than heart rate alone, the correct training intensity to increase power and endurance.

VO2 max is your maximum oxygen consumption rate as measured during incremental exercise. It reflects a person’s level of aerobic fitness and is an important determinant of their endurance capacity.

The gym equipment sits in our rehabilitation facility alongside high tech rehab machines such as the AlterG and the Hydro Physio aqua jogger.

For more information on our gym equipment visit Concept 2.

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