David machine

David machine

Rare to find in the UK, DAVID Spine Concept is the ultimate evaluation and treatment system for back disorders, using carefully targeted movement to address the cause of back pain.

Circle’s Nordic Health spinal strengthening kit looks like gym equipment. The DAVID Health Solutions technology it contains is the culmination of the company’s 35 years of experience building biomechanically optimised rehabilitation and training devices.

The spinal devices at Circle mobilise the lumbar and thoracic spine to activate your extensor, flexor and rotation muscles. Each machine is programmed to capture a range of motion in one joint direction, measuring your available range and how well you’re doing as you perform exercises, offering feedback on an electronic display. When you finish on a device, you enter whether the exercise was too difficult, too easy or just right. The device adjusts accordingly when you next register on it with a bespoke swipe card. Your use of the machine is overseen by a physiotherapist.

For more information on the DAVID Machine visit www.david.fi.

The DAVID equipment is suitable for patients with a broad spectrum of lower back or lumber spine injuries. Call 0118 922 6836 to find out more about how it can benefit you.

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