About us

About us

We are passionate about your recovery

What we do: helping you achieve your goals

Circle Rehabilitation offers a wide range of healthcare services to the general public. We help people across two key areas: neurological and musculoskeletal (bones & joints) rehabilitation.

Our team builds on the expertise of hundreds of consultants already working in Circle hospitals. Our dedicated rehabilitation team includes neurological rehabilitation doctors, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, speech therapists and dietitians, who all work closely together in what we call a multi-disciplinary team.

Core conditions we treat include:


Bones & joints:

If you or a loved one choose to have your rehabilitation at Circle, we’ll always start with your end goals in mind. We’re passionate about helping you to get back to doing the things you love, helping you to continually meet and exceed your long-term goals.

Our health packages are always tailored around you, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. If you need speech therapy combined with emotional support in coping with an illness, we’ll make sure you get a package of care quickly to get your treatment started.

Ask people about “rehab” in the UK and recovering from addiction is often mentioned. Yet in Europe and USA, rehabilitation is thought of in an entirely different way. Dedicated, intensive rehabilitation packages following diagnosis of neurological conditions such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease are commonplace, as is effective rehabilitation following surgery and injuries to bones & joints.

Many countries have large scale rehabilitation hospitals helping thousands of patients recover quicker. This has been at the heart of European healthcare for over 30 years, yet the UK has been missing this link, instead focusing on community care.

Imagine an 80-year-old grandfather with a fractured hip.

The chances of him returning home to his loved ones after spending 19 days in an acute hospital, where he is more likely to become immobilised, are greatly diminished, and he’s more likely to need to enter a nursing home.

Imagine the same grandfather transferred after four days from the acute hospital to a rehabilitation centre. There, he receives more than three hours every day of intensive therapy with the latest technology, and is cared for by a medical, nursing and therapist team who can also treat other conditions he may have. This grandfather will be far more likely to return to home rather than to a nursing home.

We fundamentally believe everyone deserves to be able to live independently in their own home, wherever possible. Our aim is to help our patients achieve this quicker with our large scale rehabilitation hospitals.

Hear from Ede, a stroke patient who recovered after care at Circle Rehabilitation.

We believe that the latest technology, combined with an expert team, is fundamental in providing the best rehabilitation. We've invested in the very best equipment which we firmly believe will help you achieve your short term, and long term, goals.

The latest technology to aid your recovery

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Helps to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury.

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Hi-Tech aquatic treadmill

To relieve joint and muscle pain and increase range of motion.

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Spinal Strenghening Technology

Designed to capture range of motion and help strengthen core muscles.

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Circle’s rehabilitation services are built around proven, evidence-based models of rehabilitation. We have a partnership with VAMED who are a leading European expert in rehabilitation.

At Circle, your rehabilitation will be in one of our state-of-the-art hospitals with all the services you’ll need under one roof. Alongside our dedicated rehabilitation team, we have consultants working across dozens of specialties working all year round. What’s more, we have a wide range of tests and scans available on-site if needed, minimising any delays to your treatment.

What we can offer you at Circle Rehabilitation:

  • A dedicated, caring team available round the clock
  • Experience and expertise to help meet your specific rehabilitation needs
  • The latest technology and equipment
  • A unique rehabilitation ward with patient lounge
  • Delicious, nutritious meals freshly prepared to your needs
  • Free parking and Wi-Fi so it’s easy for friends and family to visit
  • Modern en-suite rooms, with TV and radio available.

We would love to help you with your recovery at Circle Rehabilitation. Let us assist you to create a bespoke package tailored around your needs.

For a no-obligation chat about your options, or to book an initial assessment, please call the Circle Rehabilitation team on 0118 922 6970 or email rehab@circlehealth.co.uk

How information about you will be used

We will use your personal information to process your enquiry and contact you with relevant information. For further information, please see our website privacy policy.

How information about you will be used

We will use your personal information to process your enquiry and contact you with relevant information. For further information, please see our website privacy policy.

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