What it is like being a nurse at Circle?

The Royal College of Nursing has marked Nurses' Day in May with a special online documentary featuring nurses at work at Circle Nottingham, selected from hospitals across the country for this piece of film-making.

In the days leading to and following on Nurses’ Day, Circle released on our social media a series of video interviews and photo portraits of Circle Nottingham nurses, reflecting on their experience working at Circle and what makes Circle a unique healthcare provider. 

Circle’s Director of Nursing, Lisa Carroll, who qualified as a nurse in 1990 and was one of the first consultant nurses in acute medicine in the UK, says: “I am on a daily basis inspired and humbled by the care, compassion and dedication shown by everyone in Circle. To all our nurses: I am immensely proud to be your Director of Nursing. You are all nurse heroes, so please enjoy the celebrations today and take a few minutes to reflect on your amazing achievements”.

Circle CEO Paolo Pieri says: “Across our sites, we have hundreds of nurse heroes, who every day put our Credo into action – exceeding our patients’ expectations, striving to continuously improve the quality of care we offer, and recognising that 'good enough' never is. So a big thank you from all our partners to our nurses for the hard work that they put in daily.”

The Royal College of Nursing is encouraging people to nominate a nurse hero who you work alongside, which you can do on the RCN website, www.rcn.org.uk

If you're interested in coming to work at Circle Reading, Bath or Nottingham, e-mail Lisa Carroll, Director of Nursing and AHPs at Circle Health, at [email protected]






"Staff are willing to help one another"

Sulayman Jallow, Staff Nurse at Circle Nottingham

If you're interested in coming to work at Circle Reading, Bath or Nottingham, send an e-mail to [email protected]