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Circle Nottingham welcomes all requests for consultation from GPs, as most patients can be treated as an outpatient or day case. However, unfortunately we cannot treat:

  • patients under 18 years for admitted care interventions, and patients under 16 years for non-admitted outpatient care.

  • clinical emergencies.

Generally speaking, for surgical patients we follow the ASA classification of anaesthetic risk:

  • ASA Grade 1: a normal healthy patient.

  • ASA Grade 2: a patient with mild systemic disease.

  • ASA Grade 3: a patient with severe systemic disease, and functional limitation.

A rule of thumb is that patients who can climb two flights of stairs without shortness of breath or chest pain are classified as ASA 1, or ASA 2 if they have co-existing mild systemic disease. We will undertake surgery on a significant proportion of those patients who are ASA 3, but unless they are having minor surgery or procedures under local anaesthetic, they will need pre-assessment by one of our nursing team.

Patients have a right to:

  • start their consultant-led treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from referral for non-urgent conditions; and

  • be seen by a cancer specialist within a maximum of two weeks from GP referral for urgent referrals where cancer is suspected.


The right to treatment within 18 weeks from referral will cease to apply in circumstances where:

  • it is clinically appropriate for their condition to be actively monitored in secondary care without clinical intervention or diagnostic procedures at that stage.

  • they fail to attend appointments which they had chosen from a set of reasonable options, or the treatment is no longer necessary.

  • overseas visitors: a person who is not ordinarily resident in this country at the time of treatment will not be automatically entitled to NHS hospital treatment free of charge.

Once a patient has been listed by the surgeon as requiring an operation, he or she will be helped by one of our clinical staff to fill in our health screening questionnaire (HSQ). This is then reviewed by our pre-assessment nurse, and the patient may be called for blood tests, ECG or CXR following our anaesthetic protocol.

Patients found to have no major problems on both the tests and HSQ go ahead for surgery. HSQ or tests revealing significant health problems are reviewed by an anaesthetist and either passed fit, or called for formal anaesthetic pre-assessment.

Following this, they are either passed fit, or arrangements are made for the surgery to be undertaken at an alternative hospital, or postponed until further medical management is carried out (eg. cardiology/echo/pulmonary function tests etc.), or cancelled because the risks outweigh the benefits.

Since 2006 every patient in the country has the right to choose where they are treated under a system now called e-Referrals (previously known as Choose & Book). Circle operates the Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre based on the Queen’s Medical Centre campus, and welcomes NHS patients through this system no matter where they live in England.

At Circle Nottingham you will be treated with compassion and care by our expert clinical teams who are committed to the highest clinical standards of technical excellence and patient safety. Circles Nottingham has five operating theatres, three skin surgery theatres and an on-site diagnostics imaging service. We have over 65 outpatient consulting rooms and a short stay unit with 16 overnight beds. Many of the patient pathways Circle deliver are designed as one-stop clinics which enables tests, diagnostics and surgery to take place on the same day, reducing your wait for treatment.

You can simply ask your GP to refer you to Circle at the Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre, arrange an appointment and the NHS pays the same rate as with any other hospital in the country. The solution takes pressure off nearby hospitals, doesn’t cost the NHS anymore, and waiting times get shorter. You have the right to consider your choice and compare the different options as not all hospitals are the same.

Your GP surgery will provide you with a referral letter and your unique NHS booking reference number (UBRN). In some cases you will be referred by your GP to your local Clinical Commissioning Group's Referral Support Service. The Referral Support Service advisors will discuss your options with you at which stage you can ask to be referred to Circle at the Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre.

Ask your GP to refer you to Circle Nottingham

If you ask your GP to refer you to Circle Nottingham, you may be give a unique booking reference number. You can then book your appointment online or over the phone for a time and date that is convenient for you.

Our first priority at Circle Nottingham is to give you the care you need in a timely, safe and effective way.

We do this by:

  • Delivering high-quality clinical care, resulting in the best possible outcome from your treatment.
  • Providing you with a patient experience that is comfortable and respectful of your needs and views.
  • Giving you faster access to your outpatient appointment or surgery in a modern,
    well-equipped facility.
  • Employing highly qualified and trained teams of clinical and support staff to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Read Circle Nottingham Hospital's privacy notice for NHS patients.

Read Circle Nottingham Hospital's Homecare Service privacy notice.

The organisation conducts Data Privacy Impact Assessments for all high risk personal data processing. These may be available on request by contacting us at DPO@circlehealth.co.uk. Please note that some information may be redacted where it is corporately sensitive.

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