Living well with dementia


A Dementia Friends Champion is a volunteer who encourages others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in their community. They do this by giving them information about the personal impact of dementia, and what they can do to help. 

Circle Bath Hospital has 3 Dementia Champions. Following Dementia Awareness Week, the Champions give suggestions for living well with dementia:


Now that we’ve had a little look at statistics and types of Dementia and all the serious stuff, let’s focus now on living well. Many of the links below are PDFs and can be easily printed for further reading.

Let’s start at home with a list of 101 things to do from (US). It has everything from cooking and baking, to simple activities to exercise motor skills, and memory building discussions. All are simple and can be done at home with little to no cost.

Going with the arts and crafts theme, there are lots of Youtube videos and sites that show you some fun things to make at home. Again, these can help with motor skills, as well as getting the brain creative and active. The Flextangle from Babble Dabble Do is  a ‘FiddleToy’ which can be used to help reduce anxiety. The site has many more crafts to offer, so look around. The site also claims to be for kids, but I challenge you to look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to try some of it out!

If you fancy splashing a little cash, visit’s Online Shop for some great games, activities, and gadgets! Including personalised puzzles, music players, retro memorabilia and inspired activities. They even have ‘pets’, to provide comfort!

Fancy heading out? First Bus, one of Britain’s largest bus operators,  has got you covered with their Accessibility Schemes, such as the Better Journey and Safe Journey Cards.  These give you the option to discretely allow the Bus Driver to be aware of any assistance or even just patience you might need.

Banes, Bath and Northeast Somerset council, has a What’s On section which leads to Wellbeing Options on few local dementia activities and centres.


For more information and resources: Living Well With Dementia: a national dementia strategy

NHS: Living well with dementia