Is knee pain keeping you awake at night?

Long-term knee pain can have a significant impact on your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. Mr. David Shardlow, a knee specialist at Circle Bath Hospital, explains what you need to know about your treatment options.

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in your body. Often described as a ‘hinge joint’ due to its ability to bend, it also has about 30 degrees of rotational movement. Stabilised by ligaments and muscles to help maintain structure, strength and correct function, the knee plays an important role in your ability to move.   

Unfortunately, knee problems are all too common. These can range from stiffness and mild discomfort to sharp twinges or persistent pain. Some liken their knee pain to a toothache; dull, annoying and persistent. Many people decide to seek medical advice when they have had pain or aching in their knee over a period of months.

We have found that 75% of an accurate medical diagnosis comes from medical history. When we see you, we will ask you questions then sit very quietly and listen carefully to your answers. Nobody knows your knee pain better than you and we listen to what you tell us. We will also give your knee a physical examination and assess any effect the pain is having on your gait.

Knee pain can sometimes be caused by a problem in your back or your hip, and as part of our initial consultation, we will determine the exact cause of your knee pain to ensure the correct treatment is given.

Our knee specialists can assess the cause of your knee pain and determine the best treatment option for you. Where knee pain is having a significantly detrimental impact on your life, such as waking you up in the night or preventing you from taking part in activities you enjoy, you might be wondering about a knee replacement.

Before we ever consider knee replacement surgery, we will assess whether we can extend the life of the natural joint through conservative management first. This may involve wearing shock-absorbing footwear or insoles, having physiotherapy or hydrotherapy, or using a walking stick. Any knee replacement will wear out over time, so our aim is to keep all treatment options open for as long as possible. Should a knee replacement be appropriate, we will talk you through everything you need to know so you can decide on the next steps for your treatment.

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