Circle awarded for exemplary Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Circle Bath Hospital is delighted to have been recently awarded Joint Advisory Group (JAG) Accreditation for its Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

The Joint Advisory Group (JAG) Accreditation Scheme is designed to recognise examples of exemplary standards in the sector. The award denotes formal recognition that an endoscopy unit has the competence to deliver against national measures set out in the Global Rating Scale Standards (GRS), a tool produced to assess how well a unit provides patient centred care.

The achievement of JAG accreditation by the Circle endoscopy department is a fantastic achievement of which the staff and hospital should be proud.  To be designated a JAG accredited unit requires the hospital to demonstrate that the care provided meets the highest national standards of safety and performance.  This gives me the assurances I need as a clinician that my patients will receive the best possible care.Dr John Saunders, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Accreditation sets a high bar for a minimum standard of practice. It is designed to provide clear guidance as to how an endoscopy unit provides the best levels of service. To gain recognition, Circle Bath Hospital had to demonstrate over the course of a year that they were able to meet the minimum standards required by The Joint Advisory Group (AG) in accordance with the National Global Rating Scores (GRS). Importantly the process is on-going with 6 monthly assessments by JAG reflecting the continued delivery of the highest standard of care.

What is JAG Accreditation intended to accomplish from a hospital perspective?

  • Stimulate continuous improvement in processes and patient outcomes
  • Strengthen endoscopy services
  • Provide a knowledge base of best practices
  • Increase patient confidence in services
  • Improve the management and efficiency of services
  • Provide education on better/best practices
  • Provide comparison with self and others
  • Enhance the workforce, retention and satisfaction
  • Increase chances to add to and grow services

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