What is offered within our MSK services?

Patients who have musculoskeletal or ‘MSK’ conditions (related to muscles, bones and joints) will go through a triage process, ‘a single point of access’ with Circle.

Patients will then be directed to a treatment option, which could be a face to face assessment with Circle or treatment with a local provider. This treatment could be physiotherapy, surgery, pain management and other options.

We are made up of a dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals, as well as support staff. Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality, efficient, convenient service which best serves your needs.

Self referral

Would you like to talk to a physiotherapist?

Our Physioline service means you can speak to a physiotherapist quickly and easily over the phone.

Our vision

Together with our partners, we hope to transform the way in which MSK services are delivered, in a positive way. Our vision is to:

  • Make sure patients receive the best quality care, with excellent clinical outcomes.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in promoting patient choice.
  • Make sure every patient is involved in their care, embodying the principles of shared decision-making – ‘no decision about me without me’.
  • Help patients see the right clinician, first time.
  • Improve MSK health across the population.
  • Enhance the overall management of the MSK system.
  • Offer excellent patient experience.

What does this mean for patients?

At Circle MSK Services, patients will have:

  • Fast access to MSK specialists
  • One-to-one discussions and tailored treatment plans
  • Options to talk about treatment over the phone
  • Choice of hospital or local service
  • Choice of appointments in the community, closer to home
  • Opportunity to give feedback and shape the service

Where will patients go for treatment?

Patients can choose where they go for their care. Depending on which treatment is right, this might be a local community clinic (in a GP surgery), a hospital or a health centre. Patients will be supported throughout their treatment, with options to talk to MSK specialists about lifestyle needs and ways to improve health and wellbeing.

How can I use the service?

Your GP can refer you to the MSK Service.

Need to get in touch? Visit our contact page for details.

Key details

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