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Access policy for the management of patients accessing services

Read our Access policy for the management of patients accessing services.

Caldicott Guardians and Senior Information Risk Owners (SIRO)

Senior Information Risk Owners (SIRO)

Patients and partners should look to the SIRO as the focal point for the control of information risks and incidents. The SIRO’s main concern is the management of all of the information assets within Circle. Their role also looks to foster a culture for protecting and using data.

The SIRO is accountable to the Board of the organisation.

The SIRO for CircleHealth is Kevin Bostock. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Caldicott Guardian

The Caldicott Guardian advises the SIRO in matters of patient confidentiality and information handling. If there is uncertainty in the use of a patient’s information, the Guardian will advise on approaches to best practise in these situations.

They play the role of the conscience of the organisation. The SIRO will consult with the Guardian where appropriate when conducting information risk reviews which comprise or contain patient information.

The Caldicott Guardian for CircleHealth is Lisa Carroll. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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