Circle Bath Hospital fixed cost package terms and conditions

1. The Fixed Price Package (thereafter referred to as the ‘price’) includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Theatre fees
  • Nursing care
  • In-patient diagnostic services
  • Surgical appliances and prostheses (except where stated)
  • Pre-admission assessment
  • Consultant fees (except where stated) but subject to clause 4 below)
  • 1 follow up consultation
  • 1 follow up out patient physiotherapy appointment (if appropriate)

The term consultant refers to the surgeon, physician or anaesthetist who is providing the care.

2. The price excludes:

  • Pre-operative and post-operative diagnostic tests (unless agreed in advance)
  • Out-patient consultations before your in-patient/day-surgery care
  • In-patient MRI or CT (unless agreed in advance)
  • Personal sundry items (telephone, visitors meals etc)

Circle Bath will require an imprint of a debit/credit card to cover all sundry items consumed during your stay. This will be taken at point of booking or admission.

3. The price covers the treatment of condition for which you are originally admitted and related complications only.

4. Should a problem arise which is not related to your Fixed Price Package or a related complication and your consultant considers treatment to be necessary, additional charges will be made in accordance with the hospital’s standard scale of charges prevailing at that time. You or your next of kin will be advised of any additional charges before they are incurred where practicable.

5. Circle Bath Hospital reserves the right to terminate the Fixed Price Package agreement immediately in the event of any failure to disclose any pre-existing condition known to you.

6. The price only covers care arranged at Circle Bath itself and not any other facility.
7. Circle Bath Hospital reserves that right to charge 10% of the price should you cancel the procedure (except for medical reasons that can be verified) less than 7 days before the date of admission.

8. No refund will be given if you remain in the hospital less than the expected length of stay or if any elements of the care are not used (eg. physiotherapy).

9. Fixed Price Package treatment ends on the earliest of the following dates: The hospital discharge date set by your consultant or the day you leave the hospital. At your own request, and with your consultants agreement to continue your care, you may continue to stay in the hospital after that date in which case the hospital’s normal scale of charges will apply.

10. In the event of a related complication arising, the hospital will cover the cost of your care up to 30 days. The hospital reserves the right to review your care following discussion with your consultant. A decision may then be made to charge for additional care from and including the 31st day onwards. However, if you remain in hospital beyond the 30 day limit, any subsequent re-admission will not be included in the price.

11. In the unlikely event that you are re-admitted or referred to another consultant, in respect of a related complication, the original price will cover your hospital charges (subject to clause 10 above) excluding consultant fees. You will be covered for a total of 30 days, including the period of your original stay in hospital, provided that you are re-admitted within one calendar month from the date of your original discharge. Any subsequent periods of re-admission whether subject to Fixed Price Package or otherwise, are not included in the price.

12. Circle Bath hospital requires the price to be paid in full before admission and treatment given. Payment can be made in cash, personal cheque, bankers or building society cheque and credit/debit cards. All cheques must be presented at least 7 working days prior to admission.

13. The hospital reserves the right to refuse Fixed Price Packages.

14. This price applies only to the patient who has obtained a written quotation from the hospital prior to admission and is subject to satisfactory pre-admission checks where applicable.

15. If surgery is cancelled as a result of pre-admission tests, the patient will be invoiced for all related pre-admission hospital charges.