Össur Unloader One

What is an Össur Unloader One knee brace?

The Össur Unloader One knee brace is a treatment option for patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) that doesn’t require surgery. It can help patients increase their activity levels and become less dependent on medication or surgery to relieve their pain.

A balanced treatment option like the Össur Unloader One can reduce pain and improve function, helping patients to become more active than they’ve been in years.

Patient Testimonials

“Wearing the Unloader One has truly changed my life. Since it was fitted I have gone from being unable to walk any distance without limping and also being in great discomfort, to having walked over 9 miles on a regular basis. The Unloader One really has been a massive improvement to my quality of life and I recommend it to anyone with degenerative articular cartilage.”

– David, age 58

“I have recently returned from a holiday of a lifetime to Canada and the USA with my wife, and I don’t believe I would have been able to enjoy the trip without wearing the Unloader One Knee Brace. I was shocked at how immediate the pain relief was when I was fitted with the Unloader One Knee Brace. With this brace on there is no pain at all! It is a tremendous bit of kit!”.

– Gerry, age 68

What is Osteoarthritis (OA)?

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is recognised through pain, stiffness and inflammation of the knee. In the early stages, the articular cartilage becomes pitted, causing stiffness of the knee. In advanced OA, the cartilage erodes to the point where the bone is exposed and the two primary bones in the knee joint – the femur and tibia – rub together. This causes a great deal of pain, stiffness and inflammation which may result in people cutting back or giving up on activities that require standing or walking, which often results in weight gain and a reduction in their quality of life.

Benefits of bracing

Decreased knee pain
The support provided by the brace enables many users to continue or take up activities they might have started to avoid because of the pain and stiffness caused by OA.

Improved function
For some patients, the Unloader One can prevent the need for surgery as their mobility is increased and pain is reduced. For others, the brace is an interim solution, postponing the need for surgery until they feel both mentally and physically well for the procedure.

Reduced usage of pain medication
As pain decreases, with use of the Unloader One, so does reliance on painkillers. While they certainly have their uses, the stronger painkillers can have negative side-effects when used over extended periods of time.

The 3-Point Leverage System

The fundamental component of Unloader osteoarthritis knee braces is the 3-point leverage system. The thigh and calf shells account for two points of the leverage, while the Diagonal Dynamic Force Straps provides the third. This system “unloads” the pressure from the affected area, providing a reduction in pain.

Regular use of the brace may even slow the degenerative process, as the area receives less load of a daily basis.

Key Features
  • Innovative design to help with symptoms associated with uni-compartmental osteoarthritis
  • Dual Dynamic Force Straps increase unloading capabilities
  • Straps are easily fine-tuned using the Smart-Dosing® system
  • Clinically proven effective in an 8 year study published in the BMJ
  • Össur Sensil® liners designed to improve comfort and reduce migration
  • Provides excellent suspension and unloading leverage
The Patient Pathway

OA has been identified as the likely cause of pain or discomfort.

Shared Decision Making
Discussions with the Circle MSK Shared Decision Making Team to choose the appropriate treatment options.

If considered appropriate, Unloader One fitting is completed with a member of the Circle MSK Team. Appointments to monitor the treatment are also made.