About Circle Integrated Care

A pioneering provider dedicated to improving the health of the patients we serve

We are a dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals and support staff. Our mission is to provide patients with high quality, best value, and outcomes-focussed care.

As part of Circle Integrated Care, Circle MSK provide services for NHS patients who have Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems. This includes problems with the muscles, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, some nerve-related conditions and associated pain.

We are responsible for and dedicated to the care of adults with MSK conditions, coordinating a patient’s journey from their initial referral to their final follow-up appointment. It is our mission to ensure patients see the right person first time, and to work with our community and secondary care providers to provide outstanding treatment and support.

In our service, all referrals are sent to a single point of access to enable early clinical triage which is performed within 24 hours of a patient being referred to our service. Our purpose is to then guide our patients through their next steps, working closely with our community and secondary care providers to cater to each individual patient requirement with the support of our MSK Team.

The Care Quality Commission has completed a comprehensive inspection of our services and has found that our service continues to provide safe, effective care in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Types of services we provide:

  • MSK-related Physiotherapy
  • MSK-related Podiatry
  • Community assessment and advice clinics
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Persistent Pain
  • Podiatric surgery

Our credo

At the heart of every great company is a set of shared beliefs. We call ours The Circle Credo and it guides everything we do.

Our purpose
To build a great company dedicated to our patients.

Our parameters
We focus our efforts exclusively on:
• What we are passionate about.
• What we can become best at.
• What drives our economic sustainability.

Our principles
• We are above all the agents of our patients. We aim to exceed their expectations every time so that we earn their trust and loyalty. We strive to continuously improve the quality and the value of the care we give our patients.
• We empower our people to do their best. Our people are our greatest asset. We should select them attentively and invest in them passionately. As everyone matters, everyone who contributes should be a Partner in all that we do. In return, we expect them to give their patients all that they can.
• We are unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence. We embrace innovation and learn from our mistakes. We measure everything we do and we share the data with all to judge. Pursuing our ambition to be the best healthcare provider is a never-ending process. ‘Good enough’ never is.

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Vision and Values

Together with local commissioners, Circle MSK, part of Circle Integrated Care, hope to transform the way in which MSK services are delivered, in a positive way.

Our vision is:

  • To be at the forefront of innovation in promoting patient choice.
  • To ensure high-quality patient outcomes.
  • To adhere to the principles of shared decision-making, ensuring patients are involved in decisions about their care.
  • To take a multidisciplinary approach to clinical care.
  • To ensure that patients see the right clinician, first time.
  • To ensure that patients received the best quality care.
  • Improve population level MSK health
  • Enhance the overall management of the MSK system
  • Delivery of high quality MSK care
  • Improve experience and outcomes of patients

What this means for patients

  • Fast access to MSK specialists
  • One-to-one discussions and tailored treatment plans
  • Options to talk about treatment over the phone
  • Choice of hospital or local service
  • Choice of appointments in the community, closer to home
  • Opportunity to give feedback and shape the service
  • A co-ordinated journey through the healthcare system for treatment of their MSK condition.

Quality Account Report

One of our founding beliefs at Circle is that by providing information on our clinical results. You can read our 2018/19 Quality Account here.