A fully digital MSK pathway

Assessment and treatment available for your patients right now

Circle Integrated Care has a fully virtual team that provides support for over 1.3m NHS patients. Our unique virtual MSK pathway brings together a range of leading technologies to assess and treat patients that would otherwise be sat on a waiting list or suspended mid-treatment, during this COVID-19 period. Our virtual network of medical and clinical staff is separate from the NHS front line staff and are available now to help support your patients.

This virtual MSK service can be accessed by:

1. Inviting all appropriate patients to download Circle App

2. Circle will provide activation codes and initiate patient’s virtual care

3. Patient engagement and clinical outcomes will be provided back to referrer at agreed intervals


Virtual clinical pathways

  • Video consultations with leading MSK clinicians and Consultants using secure and user-friendly technology
  • Market-leading innovative apps, selected for the individual, brought to the safety of their home
  • Supported virtual therapies, including PhysiTrack
  • Patient’s clinical outcomes, recorded after every treatment, evidencing real value


Access for urgent patients
  • Patients, in need of urgent care, can be assessed and treated in the right place, right time
  • GP’s have an escalation point for patients of immediate concern, therefore reducing their isolation in primary care
Supporting GPs and community providers

Primary care support

  • Virtual First Contact Practitioner resource including 24/7 access to Phio, our digital physiotherapist
  • As our service is fully integrated with EMIS and SystmOne, treatment records can be securely shared back with primary care
  • By continuing access to MSK care, patient’s needs will be maintained, preventing a backlog of patients in the future

Physio department support

  • Patients can be transferred from waiting lists on to a tried and tested virtual MSK pathway, where the majority of patients will be managed to point of discharge
  • Experience of rapid and secure patient transfer between organisations

Clinical outcomes

Tried and tested MSK pathway has already achieved

of patients with back pain improve on Bournemouth scores
of patients with other MSK conditions improve on Bournemouth scores
of patients improve their quality of life with Physio

Contact us

If you would like further information, or to learn how this virtual pathway could work for your patients, please get in contact:

01234 639000