Benign lesions

What is a benign lesion?

A benign skin lesion is non-cancerous skin growth or lump of fatty skin. It can look like a wart, mole or marks on the skin. These are not necessarily dangerous but can appear aesthetically displeasing. If you do notice an unusual benign skin lesion it is important to get checked out to ensure it is not malignant.

Common example of benign skin lesions and their treatments:

Seborrheic Keratosis
Also known as senile warts, can be brown or black in colour and grow on the surface of the skin anywhere on the body (except palms and soles normally). They tend to be harmless but aesthetically displeasing. They tend to appear later in life in clusters rather than singularly. They can be removed if necessary.

Dermatosis papulosa nigra
Usually appears later in adulthood to people with darker skin. They are small dark pigmented papules commonly appearing on the cheeks and forehead. They tend to have a smooth surface and appear in clusters. These lesions are harmless and don’t tend to require treatment.

Stucco keratosis
These are small white papules that commonly appear on the ankles or feet. Usually these can be found in men and those with fair skin complexion. This too are harmless and can be removed by curettage or cryotherapy.

Skin tags (acrochordons)
Skin tags are soft fleshy growths which are often found on the eyelids, neck or armpits. They are harmless but can become irritated if pulled, twisted or rubbed a lot. These can be removed for cosmetic reasons.

These are growths usually found on legs that can feel like a hard lump under the skin which are red or brown like in colour with a darker peripheral rim. They can often appear as a result of a prior injury but are benign.

Epidermal inclusion cyst (EIC)
This is a common skin cyst which arises from hair follicles. The cyst contains a substance formed from degenerating keratinocytes which has a strong foul smell. They may become irritated and red in appearance if the substance enters the dermis. These can be removed by excision.