What is Airmid?

Airmid is a unique app, designed to meet your dermatology care needs, from the safety and comfort of your own home. This is especially helpful during the Covid-19 outbreak, where remote access to healthcare is incredibly beneficial.

This app will act as a messenger between yourself and your community dermatology service, run by Circle Integrated Care.

It will allow you to access the appropriate tools to upload and send images of your skin condition to a dermatologist, so they can review and decide on the best treatment plan.

It will allow you to complete questionnaires about your symptoms and take part in video consultations with your specialist doctor or nurse, where appropriate.

 1. How to download the Airmid App

If you have not yet downloaded the Wolverhampton Dermatology app, please click on the following links or search for Airmid in the Apple or Google Play stores.

2. Signing in 

Once you have downloaded the app, please follow the instructions for NHS login.

Why have I been asked to use Airmid?

Using Airmid will ensure information about your skin condition or lesion is captured all in one place and will be shared directly with the clinicians looking after you.

It will also help us to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate clinician, give you easy access to video consultations and get the most out of your appointments.

The app helps to give you control and ownership over your own health and recovery.

How will it help me?

The use of apps within dermatology is becoming more wide spread.

By logging on to your Airmid app you can:

  1. Securely send your dermatologist images of your skin condition or skin lesions.
  2. Book and attend video consultations with your dermatology clinician
  3. Complete questionnaires, requested by your dermatologist, prior to attending your next appointment.
  4. Set your own medication reminders
How do I take images and send them to my dermatologist?

1. How do I take pictures?

  • 10cm away from skin. If your camera is unable to focus at this close distance, slowly move your camera away to the nearest point where it can focus.
  • Picture of whole body part, for reference of where condition is on your body. If your whole body is affected, please take 2 – 3 images to illustrate this.
  • Picture of your consent form with your signature. We cannot use your images if we do not have this signed consent form.

2. Useful guidelines

  • Take the images in good day light.
  • Ensure the area you want to image is fully visible, by removing any clothing.
  • Allow time before taking the picture to allow your camera to auto focus
  • Highlight the size of a lesion/mole where possible, by including a 5 pence piece (or alternative recognisable coin) in the picture.

3. How to send them in

The best way to securely send your images to your dermatologist, is by uploading them on to your Airmid app. To do this:

  1. Ensure you are logged on to Airmid
  2. Navigate to the Full Record
  3. Select the + button in the bottom-right hand corner
  4. Choose “Add Document”
  5. Set the Document type as “Miscellaneous”
  6. Press the middle button to choose an image from your phone
  7. Provide a description of the image, such as “Left hand psoriasis”, “Left shoulder rear eczema” or “Consent form”
  8. Press “Save” in the top-right
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for each image and also for a picture of your signed consent form
How do I complete a questionnaire about my symptoms on my Airmid App?

Your dermatologist may ask you to fill out a questionnaire before you attend an appointment. If so, and you have the app, you will get a notification pop up on your phone with a link. Click on the link and follow the steps. If you would prefer to complete the questionnaire later on, login to the app when you are ready, and the questionnaire will be waiting for you under notifications then follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to your Airmid app, you will be presented with the Airmid home page
  2. Click on to the 3 lines in the top left corner
  3. Go down and click on notifications
  4. You will see a list of messages
  5. Click on the latest notification and it will bring up a symptoms questionnaire to complete
  6. Next to each question there will be a blue drop down select button, which will give you 5 answer options, click on the answer that applies to you
  7. Continue this on each question scrolling down the page to ensure you answer all questions
  8. When you have completed all questions, this will present a score at the bottom of the questionnaire
  9. Click save in the top-right corner and this will have completed your questionnaire
How do I attend video consultations?

At time of booking

Your appointment will be visible to you, under appointments, which can be found within your app menu.

What happens when appointment is booked?

You will receive a text confirmation of your appointment.

10 minutes before your video consultation

  1. Open up your Airmid app
  2. Click on to the 3 lines in the top left corner, you will be taken to your web browser and asked for a passcode.
  3. Return to Airmid
  4. Click the 3 lines in the top left corner and select notifications
  5. Your pass code should be the most recent notification, make a note of it. If you cannot see it, try dragging the list downwards to refresh it
  6. Return to your web browser and enter the passcode.
  7. You should now enter the video consultation and you should see video of yourself from your phone’s camera. Your clinician may not be visible yet, but they will have been notified that you are ready. Please wait while your clinician connects.
Where does the information, held within my Airmid app, get stored?

Please read our privacy notice to understand how we look after your data by clicking here.

How long will I be able use the Airmid app for?

You will always be able to access your Airmid app.  

However you will receive notifications, questionnaires and ability to book video consultations for as long as you are under the care of Circle’s Wolverhampton Community Dermatology service.