Health Champions: Circle Health's Partnership with British Rowing


Circle Health have gone behind the scenes with British Rowing’s elite athletes as they prepare for the 2018 World championships in Bulgaria.



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Who are Circle Health?

Circle Health has partnered with British rowing since May 2017, and supported countless achievements, including 7 medals at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Notable medals at this event include a gold in the PR3 mixed coxed four and a silver in the Men’s quad.

These elite athletes are regularly pushed to their limits, and reducing injury is a key aspect of improving performance.

Working closely with British Rowing, Circle Health provide leading medical services and advanced rehabilitation to complement each athlete’s performance across this gruelling, high intensity sport.


Circle’s health champions

Circle is full of health champions, focussed on providing world leading patient care. Experts in their fields we work across performance, injury prevention, diagnostics and imaging to provide the best healthcare possible….

Working in a highly competitive environment, Circle collaborate with British Rowing to provide the quick access diagnostics and leading advanced rehabilitation services needed to improve each athlete’s performance and reduce the risk of future injury. We give British Rowing athletes the ability to focus on their day-to-day training to improve their overall performance.

Mark Homer, British Rowing Head of High Performance Science and Medicine, said: "Having access to Circle Health's quick diagnostics facilities is a real benefit to the GB Rowing Team. It allows us to be proactive in our medical care for the athletes to ensure they're at their best for the most important races." 

Our partnership is focussed on supporting British Rowing in their goal to remain one of the leading rowing nations. Focussed on promoting health and preventing injury, we are supporting British rowing’s target to increase their medal yield at the 2018 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with a view to building their performance to peak at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020

Our health professionals

Our elite expertise can be used across a range of medical issues, not just elite sport. Our health champions range from specialist consultants to physiotherapists. See some of our staff profiles.

Kate Hutchings

Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine

Kate Hutchings is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant at Circle Reading Hospital experienced at working with both elite and recreational athletes.

Dr Hutchings qualified from Birmingham Medical School in 1997 and gained membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2003.

After working in Sydney during the 2000 Olympic Games, she returned to the UK to work in Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM), gaining a Masters with distinction in 2004 from University College, London. From 2003-2010, she was a GP in South West London. Read more.


Nick Gallogly

Consultant Orthotist

Nick is part of the medical team for the GB rowing and para-rowing teams and is also a qualified medical classifier for Paralympic rowing.

Nick qualified as a medical mechanical engineer from Dublin in 2004, which focused on the medical application of biomechanics. He then qualified from the University of Salford with honours in Prosthetics and Orthotics, which involved rotations at Nottingham City Hospital and the Robert Jones and Angus Hunt Hospital. In 2014 attained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Biomechanics from Staffordshire University.

He has been a part of the medical team for London Irish Rugby for the past four years and was the on-call Orthotist for the 2015 Rugby world cup.  Read more.


Deepak Ravindran

Consultant Pain and MSK Specialist

Dr Deepak Ravindran is a Consultant Pain and MSK Specialist at Circle Rehabilitation. He is also lead consultant in pain medicine at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

He trained in anaesthesia at Oxford and completed a pain medicine fellowship at Stanmore and UCL. He completed his Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine in 2015. He was part of the IPASS team which set up an innovative integrated pain and spinal assessment and treatment service in the West Berkshire area and received the Emerging Best Practice Award by the British Society of Rheumatology for 2016. Read more.


Meet our expert clinical team

What is rowing?

Rowing is a full-body exercise. It puts strain on joints across the body most notably the hips, shoulders, back and knees. Elite athletes are at increased risk of injury due to the large volume of training they undertake. If this risk is not managed, injuries of these key muscles and joints can mean long time out of training or competition due to injury and subsequent rehabilitation.

For athletes, amateur or elite, it is key to ensure that any pains, including the lower back, knee or hip, are accurately diagnosed quickly to inform any medical services required.

Common pains felt across the lower back may be signs of injury or conditions across the hips or other parts of the body. This is known as referral pain. Accurate diagnostic activities are needed to ensure the correct treatment is undertaken to address the underlying issue.

Circles quick access diagnostics suite gives British Rowing’s Elite Programme access to world-class diagnostic equipment, where our trained professionals perform key imaging applications to inform important medical services.

Once these scans are made, athletes are able to receive the appropriate care and treatment required to get back into training, ideally with reduced susceptibility to injury.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing elite care with unrivalled patient experiences. Our hospitals are light and airy, with an atmosphere conducive to health and rehabilitation and our staff are well trained to provide each of our patients with the best care available.

The skills required for effective rehabilitation across sporting injuries span a range of every day medical services and can include complex rehabilitation exercises. From hip arthroscopy to physiotherapy, Circle provide clinical excellence within a calming atmosphere is unrivalled and provides our patients with a space conductive to effective rehabilitation.

Through our ongoing partnerships with sporting institutions we embrace innovation in our ambition to be the best healthcare provider. We are always looking to further our personal bests across our medical care.

If you have joint or muscle pains our Circle MSK service, focused on assessing patients who have musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, provides an impartial service from which to provide personalised care to aid your recovery and manage your pain.


Other Sporting Injuries

Sporting injuries are common across the UK and high impact sports such as running, tennis, and rugby are no exception. That’s why we’ve asked Nick Gallogly, Consultant Orthotist at Circle Reading, about how best to reduce the risk of knee or hip injuries. See his top tips here.



Circle Rehabilitation

At Circle Reading we have a dedicated rehabilitation unit, Circle Rehabilitation, offering far more than physiotherapy alone. Our expert team provides the latest treatments and therapies using state-of-the-art technologies including:

  • AlterG anti-gravity treadmill – designed to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury
  • 3D gait analysis – to analyse biomechanics and help identify why pain is occurring
  • Hi-Tech Hydro Physio – an aquatic treadmill which helps to relieve joint and muscle pain, while increasing the range of motion.

These technologies allow Circles expert clinical team to perform effective treatments including Musculoskeletal, pain management, and neurological treatments as well as sports rehabilitation. We assess all of our patients within 24 hours, and build a personalised package of support to fit your needs and promote recovery.

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