Coping with injury

Coping with injury

Dean's message: how to cope with life's changes


As was with my own case, I was severely injured in a parachuting accident which then lead to me having to cope with my injury. For a bad injury, many pass through some recognisable stages: anger; denial; depression; acceptance. Ideally, of course, you would relatively quickly move to acceptance, stop being angry, and engage in rehab with optimism, this isn’t always that straight forward and so was the case with myself as the military caused so many blunders. 

Life is full of transitions, pleasant and unpleasant, expected and unexpected.The results of my injury then meant I had an unexpected transition, luckily for myself with the right support network, it was reasonably pleasant and I got through the transition to a new life in civilian street successfully, but this isn’t always the case. This was my story, and there are thousands similar who have gone from very active lifestyles to all of a sudden taking an early retirement through injury or naturally at the end of their careers.

This is common place in the sporting community, and I am keen to promote this message through my challenge and link ALL sporting disciplines. It however can then be related to all persons with physically active jobs, hobbies etc such as military, fire service, builders etc and this is the commonality between the public and those elite athletes, which then flows with the message we too are trying to promote that “mental health doesn’t discriminate”.


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