Non-invasive, regenerative procedures

I see a lot of patients on behalf of The Regenerative Clinic who are based in London and provide a range of regenerative treatments for orthopaedic and sport injuries and arthritis. They are often able to help people avoid the need for surgery by the use of state-of-the-art treatments such as stem cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Most people who come to see me for this are suffering from arthritic knees or have injury or damage to the hip or knee joint. They are usually struggling with chronic pain and finding traditional treatments are either not effective or not suitable for them.

They may be too young to consider a knee replacement or hip replacement, or they just don’t want to have surgery for specific reasons (maybe a relative didn’t have a good experience of surgery). It could also be that they are not fit enough for surgery, and that can be really frustrating for someone, especially if they are in constant pain and the potential treatment has been ruled out.

The most common treatment I consult with people for is called Activated Mesenchymal Pericyte Plasma injections (AMPP®). This treatment aims to use the natural reparative function of body fat (adipose tissue) in order to improve and repair damage to the body.

It is a minor, very safe procedure that involves taking cells from abdominal fat and from the blood and injecting them into the painful area (e.g. knee or hip) in order to promote healing.

The procedure itself is carried out at the clinic in London, but I will carry out all your preliminary assessment, tests and discussion here at Circle in order to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for it.

When you attend your appointment at The Regenerative Clinic in London, there are four steps to the treatment:

  • Fat Harvesting: A plastic surgeon will carry out liposuction, removing fat from your tummy (or thigh). This is carried out while you are under sedation.
  • Blood Withdrawal: Our anaesthetist will draw blood from your arm. (This is done in exactly the same way a standard blood test is performed.)
  • Processing: The regenerative cells we want to use for treatment are separated from the fat. At the same time, the blood is centrifuged in order to separate the plasma out for use in the PRP injection.
  • Injection: The regenerative cells and PRP are injected into the affected area under ultrasound guidance to ensure optimal positioning.

The entire procedure only takes around an hour and has minimal recovery time.

This treatment is designed to regenerate and rejuvenate the area of the body it is injected into. Certainly, some of the results I have seen have been impressive. It is most helpful for use in larger joints (hip and knee) as the smaller joints (fingers and toes for example) are only able to contain limited volumes within them.

Specific benefits of this approach to regenerative treatment include:

  • Although it involves medical input and advanced equipment, this procedure uses cells from your own body, so is a natural treatment.
  • As it uses your body’s own cells, there is a very low risk of side effects.
  • It is minimally invasive, meaning you do not have a long recovery afterwards.
  • It can be a very effective alternative to major “open” surgery
  • If you have a tendon, ligament and/or muscle problem, AMPP can be an effective treatment option

I know just how difficult, frustrating and emotionally challenging it can be to live with chronic pain. So many aspects of life are affected and often hobbies and activities will have to be changed or stopped as a result of the pain. 

The limitations of the pain can seem magnified when traditional treatment options are not suitable or cannot be carried out. In these cases, a non-invasive regenerative cell treatment may be of benefit in relieving you of your pain and giving you back the ability to do the things you enjoy doing.

If you are suffering from joint pain and are thinking about having a regenerative treatment, why not book a consultation with me here at Circle? I will be able to talk with you about the process and help to assess whether the treatment may be of benefit to you.

It's easy to book a consultation with me at Circle. Just contact my private secretary who will be able to schedule you in for a time that's most convenient for you.

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