Hip replacement revision surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a very good operation with high patient satisfaction. It replaces a worn out, damaged hip joint with an artificial prothesis.

Modern technology and advances in the materials used mean that these artificial joints now last for an extremely good length of time. However, they are mechanical in nature and they can occasionally themselves become damaged or suffer another problem. (I want to emphasize that this is a very rare occurrence, but it does still happen from time to time.) 

When this occurs, a further operation may be needed to remove the failing prosthesis and to replace it with a newer one. This is known as hip replacement revision surgery.

As a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, I have carried out a large number of hip replacements. I have carried out far fewer hip replacement revisions, although this is primarily because modern prostheses and surgical methods used are so good.

However, for people who are experiencing problems with their prosthesis, hip replacement revision surgery may be needed. It is a complex operation and there are certain risks involved in it which I will talk though with you during your consultation.   

The revision surgery will be planned and carried out to your specific needs. Removing a prosthesis involves quite a lot of planning in advance, and I may arrange for you to have an X-ray or a CT or MRI scan to help with this. Knowing what prosthesis you have currently and what exactly has gone wrong with it is essential to make the right plan for the revision surgery.

During my many years of training as an orthopaedic consultant, I also obtained a Masters degree in engineering from Cardiff University. While this may seem a rather unusual qualification for a surgeon to have, it has proven to be incredibly useful when planning surgeries, particularly the more sophisticated, complex operations such as hip replacement revision.

Often, the original hip prosthesis will have been fixed in place in the bone using a special surgical cement and this will need to be carefully removed during the operation.

Hip replacement revision surgery is a big operation, and you will need to spend a few days at Circle afterwards. During this time, the physiotherapy team will show you how to move safely using a walking frame and crutches, so that you have confidence to move around once you are back home.

The rehabilitation plan we will put in place for you will be very specific to the exact revision surgery we do, because there are a myriad of different reasons a primary hip replacement would fail. Your rehabilitation will be directed at helping to avoid the revision failing for the same reasons . The Circle physiotherapists will be extremely involved in your recovery and rehabilitation to ensure you get the best results from your hip replacement revision.   

We all like to have our own independence. When something threatens our independence – like a failing hip replacement – it can be a real cause of worry.

Many of the people who come to see me for a consultation about their previous hip replacement tell me of their concern about losing their independence if the prosthesis stops working. They want to be able to continue with their current lifestyle, able to enjoy hobbies and regular activities. Having already been through the hip replacement surgery and rehabilitation, they are concerned about how they will cope in the future.

I always tell people that hip replacement revision surgery is a major operation, one that will take quite a bit of time to fully recover from. Our Circle physiotherapy team will help you regain strength, movement and function safely and effectively and I will see you again 6 weeks after the surgery to assess and review your recovery and healing.

If you have any queries or concerns at any stage, it’s easy to contact me and I am of course always very happy to help.

Hip replacement revision surgery can make a real difference to the quality of life. It can eliminate debilitating hip pain and restore good mobility once again.

If you have previously had hip replacement surgery but are now suffering from hip pain once again, or are concerned about your prosthesis and would like it checked, why not book a consultation with me here at Circle?

Whatever the cause and extent of your hip pain, I can help. From your first consultation with me, my focus will be on getting you out of pain, treated effectively and back to good hip health and function.

It is very easy to book a consultation with me at Circle. Please contact my private secretary who will be able to schedule you in for a time that's most convenient for you.  

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