Martin Piddington is a consultant Head of Operations at Circle Rehabilitation

Mr Martin Piddington

Head of Operations

Circle Rehabilitation

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Martin Piddington is Head of Operations at Circle Rehabilitation in Birmingham. He has considerable experience in rehabilitation, having spent 37 years in healthcare delivery. management and commissioning in the Royal Air Force, including within the military rehabilitation centre at Headley Court.

Martin’s focus is to ensure that the management, facilities and environment at Circle Rehabilitation supports a safe, effective and quality service that delivers the best experience for patients.

Rehabilitation is a topic close to his heart, both from a professional and a personal point of view. Being part of the rehabilitation and recovery of servicemen and women who have experienced physical and psychological trauma was, he said, a privilege.

Closer to home, a family member experienced an acquired brain injury some 40 years ago, while another had a life-changing stroke. Being able to see the challenges of their rehabilitation, coupled with his life-long healthcare focus, has brought an understanding of what patients and their families are going through.

More recently, and after leaving the military six years previously, Martin continued his healthcare management career, both from a strategic and operational aspect. He is delighted to be part of Circle Rehabilitation and once again working in the field where has made such an impact.

Martin is part of the original management team at Circle Rehabilitation. Looking back on his first few weeks, Martin said: “To be able to come back into the arena I care about after 37 years in the profession is personally very rewarding. Here at Circle we have the capability, the technical know-how and the enthusiasm of staff, which is very tangible. There is an air of excitement throughout the team about what is possible for patients.

“I say with rehabilitation there is no ‘destination’, we can help the person as far as they want to go – they set the goals, whether that’s the desire to be able to walk to the sink rather than being wheeled to the sink, or whatever matters to the individual. We are a guest in that person’s recovery.”

He remembers the rehabilitation of servicemen and women at Headley Court. Witnessing the rehabilitation of a person who may have lost their legs, who may have been to several surgical hospitals before, to see them finally standing on prosthetic limbs and the psychological boost that gives them will always remain a powerful focus for him.


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