Dougall McCorry is a consultant Consultant Neurologist at Circle Rehabilitation

Dr Dougall McCorry

Consultant Neurologist

Circle Rehabilitation

Dr Dougall John Patrick McCorry is an independent Consultant Neurologist in Birmingham specialising in a range of neurological conditions. These include epilepsy, headache and migraine and Multiple Sclerosis. 

He studied for his medical degree at the University of Leicester and completed his specialist neurological training in Scotland and Yorkshire. His epilepsy research has largely taken place at the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool - where he completed his specialist training - and he has published extensive research papers into the subject.  

Dr McCorry is the clinical lead for epilepsy at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Birmingham. He has general neurology clinics at BMI The Priory Hospital and BMI Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham as well as at The Hereford County Hospital. 

He works as part of a multidisciplinary team in his NHS practice, which includes neuropsychologists, neurosurgeons, and neurophysiologists - the team looks after patients with epilepsy, who are recovering from epilepsy surgery or who are about to have epilepsy surgery.

In addition to being an epilepsy specialist and epilepsy research professional, he has a special interest in personal injury, head injury, traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury and whiplash syndrome, and has a medico-legal practice for post-accident assessments and investigations.  

Also works at BMI The Priory Hospital.

Dr McCorry is a consultant neurologist at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Birmingham. 

He has an ongoing interest in clinical research and has authored and co-authored a number of neuroscience papers looking at patient care, operative care, systems modelling, diagnostics, deep brain stimulation and other clinical questions.

He sees private and NHS patients at Circle Rehabilitation's sister hospitals BMI The Priory Hospital and BMI Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham.

  • June 1999 Membership of the Royal College of Physicians – MRCP
  • 1991 – 1996 MBChB Degree, University of Leicester. Dr McCorry undertook a MD thesis in Liverpool trying better to understand how doctors and patients with an epilepsy diagnosis undertake anti-epileptic drug decisions.

In Birmingham he is involved in the epilepsy-antenatal clinic at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. He is the neurological lead to the EMPIRE trial examining whether monitoring epilepsy drug levels through pregnancy improves outcomes.

He is actively involved with clinical trials of epilepsy medication.

  • October 2007 - Present: Consultant Neurologist, University Hospital Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Birmingham
  • Director of the  University Hospital Birmingham  Epilepsy SURGERY programme.  
  • The Medico-Legal Society, London
  • The Association of British Neurology, London
  • The International League Against Epilepsy, London
  • The Royal College of Physicians, London


Dr McCorry's is highly engaged in the full clinical epilepsy programme at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Birmingham. The programme includes video telemetry, epilepsy surgery work-up, psychometry, neuroradiology and epilepsy nurse services. Dr McCorry runs clinics for First Seizure, General Epilepsy and women's clinics.


Dr McCorry has a specific interest in migraine, tension headache, Chronic Daily Headache and Cluster Headache. 

Post head injury and whiplash syndrome

Dr McCorry is an expert in whiplash and head injury following an accident. If patients are experiencing longer-term post accident neurological symptoms, Mr McCorry has access to x-ray, MRI and other imaging diagnostics and investigations at BMI The Priory Hospital close by.

Neurological Research                           

Dr McCorry is actively involved in research with strong links to University of Birmingham where he has  honorary senior lecturer status. He frequently lectures and examines in Birmingham Medical School. He is is involved in clinical trials including the  the neurological lead for a national trial EMPIRE examining the effects of monitoring epilepsy medication in pregnancy and is involved in a clinical trial of a new treatment for people with tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy-everolimus 

Dr McCorry is a key figure in establishing the research reputation of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Epilepsy Unit.

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Dr McCorry has a five-star rating on Top Doctors:

  • Very pleasant man and obviously very knowledgeable  
  • He was very friendly, he listened carefully and was extremely understanding. Excellent
  • Such a lovely man, put me at ease knew straight away what my problem was. Would highly recommend.

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