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BMI Hospitals

Circle Health’s acquisition of BMI Healthcare

We are pleased to announce that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has fully approved the acquisition of BMI Healthcare by Circle Health. The two teams have been working closely together as part of a new single combined group to continue to offer private healthcare services.

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Circle Health and BMI Healthcare: working together, for you

Circle Health Group has now expanded to include all of BMI Healthcare’s UK locations, giving us more than 50 hospitals, clinics and specialist centres across England, Scotland and Wales.

Our teams have come together with one joint mission: to offer the best possible standards of care for patients across the UK.

Across the 50+ sites, BMI Healthcare offers over 500 different private treatments, covering more than 60 specialities, with centres of excellence in areas including orthopaedics, eye health, physiotherapy and neurology.

Our network now comprises more than 6,500 consultants, offering a wide range of services across numerous specialities. Our hospitals are home to some of the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities for both outpatients and inpatients.

In Birmingham, this means the newly opened Circle Rehabilitation Centre works closely with BMI The Priory, BMI The Edgbaston, BMI The Meriden and BMI The Droitwich Spa hospitals to give a comprehensive private healthcare offering.

Together, we are committed to providing the highest standards in all aspects of patient care, and to remaining at the forefront of clinical and non-clinical service standards across the private sector.

We’ll keep on investing in cutting-edge technology and the latest treatments to make sure we’re always giving you the quality, personalised care that both Circle and BMI are known for.

To find out more about your nearest BMI hospital and what services we can offer you, get in touch on 0800 096 3236

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