Physiotherapy Unit at Circle Bath Hospital

Are you looking for a recommended physiotherapist near Bath? Our experienced Physiotherapists can provide you with the highest quality treatment.

If you have a problem that requires physiotherapy, you’ll want to ensure you receive the best treatment and advice possible.

With our experienced staff and modern facilities, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to have their physiotherapy treatments at Circle Bath.

Circle Bath Physiotherapy provides an exceptional level of dedicated care specifically to your needs in luxurious and award-winning surroundings.

Our multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic is able to help with a wide range of treatments with no waiting lists, so a consultation can quickly be arranged for you with a member of our expert physiotherapy team.

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Physiotherapists are experts in helping people just like you overcome a range of movement disorders. These problems may have been present from birth, acquired through accident or injury, or are the result of ageing or life-changing events.

A few symptoms and complaints our physiotherapy team commonly see and treat include:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Sprains or strains of muscles and ligaments
  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Osteoarthritic pain
  • Rehabilitation following surgery

Our physiotherapy team at Circle are here to provide an exceptional service to anyone who requires help, regardless of their age or physical condition.

When you come to us for physiotherapy, we’ll aim to assess and diagnose your condition and develop a personal treatment plan to help relieve any symptoms and by treating the underlying problem.

At Circle Bath we have a team of highly experienced physiotherapists who are here to talk with you, advise you about the different treatment options available to you and to help restore the quality of your life.

At your first appointment one of our physiotherapists will have a detailed chat with you about the symptoms you’re experiencing and any concerns you may have. They’ll also talk with you about your previous medical history in order to get a thorough understanding of things.

The physiotherapist may want to carry out a physical examination to help assess the problem fully. Depending on the area of your body to be examined, you may need to undress so please wear appropriate clothing.

Occasionally the physiotherapist may want further tests to be carried out to aid diagnosis such as X-rays, CT scans or MRI scans. Referral for any other tests can easily be arranged with our other departments on site.

Upon completion of the examination the physiotherapist will discuss their findings with you and talk through their recommendations for a treatment plan.Treatments we may suggest include: 

  • Individual exercise programmes and muscle re-education: to help improve your mobility and strengthen your muscles with improved coordination and control
  • Joint manipulation and mobilisation: to help reduce pain and stiffness
  • Acupuncture: this can be used to treat a number of musculoskeletal conditions such as tension headaches and low back pain. It works by stimulating the body to produce natural pain-relieving chemicals.
  • Hydrotherapy: Special exercises in a warm pool which can help to relieve pain and strengthen muscles. (Please note that hydrotherapy is provided off-site.)
  • Assistance with the use of walking aids, splints and braces if recommended after injury or surgery
  • Shockwave therapy (ESWT): this uses shockwaves to treat chronic and painful musculoskeletal conditions such as tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis.
  • Soft tissue treatments and sports massage

If you do require physiotherapy, we believe that you’ll find no better place to come than Circle Bath.

With our modern facilities and an expert physiotherapy team, you can be assured you’ll be in safe hands.

At Circle Bath we like to do things differently. That’s why when you choose to have your treatment with us you’ll benefit from: 

  • Rapid access to treatment: with no waiting lists and flexible appointments we can help you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.
  • Enjoying our luxurious facilities: where every member of staff is helpful and ready to assist with anything you might require. 
  • Being seen by an experienced team: we have built a strong and diverse team clinical experts who all work together to achieve the best possible outcomes from physiotherapy. Being able to draw upon such a vast amount of shared experience means you’ll we’ll do our best to ensure that you receive the best treatment, help and support possible.

All of our clinicians are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate governing body. They’re also involved in regular training to ensure you’ll always receive the very best standard of treatment possible.

If you need physiotherapy treatment, why not have it carried out by the very best clinicians, in the very finest physiotherapy clinic and with the very best possible care?

Jo Gotley
MCSP Physiotherapy Lead

Jo graduated in physiotherapy from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge 1985. She has had a continuous career in physiotherapy ever since and has specialised in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries since 1988. She started her career at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton in London before moving to the South West where she worked at the RUH in Bath and then Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Jo moved into the private sector working at the BUPA hospital in Bristol before starting her own private practice in Keynsham in1994. She ran a successful practice for 18 years enjoying the mix of clinical work and business management. She joined the team at Circle Bath in early 2012.

Throughout her career Jo has continued with regular training in consistently developing world of physiotherapy. In that time she has developed an interest in treating spinal problems, whiplash injuries and headaches. Her approach is mainly hands-on manual therapy and she enjoys dealing with the complex issues that are often involved with long-term injuries such as headaches, tennis elbow, back pain and whiplash and likes the challenge of trying to help people who have not been helped with other treatment approaches.

Jo became Physiotherapy Lead at Circle Bath in September 2013 and is thoroughly enjoying using her mix of clinical and business skills to continue to with the development of a dynamic and skilled team.

Darren James
MCSP Senior Physiotherapist

Darren specializes in musculoskeletal outpatients and sports physiotherapy, and has been with Circle Bath since its opening in 2010.

Darren qualified from the University of the West of England in 2005 and began his physiotherapy career working with Torquay United Football Club as the first team physiotherapist where he spent two very busy seasons managing all the medical needs of the players.

He then spent a further two years in a busy private hospital physiotherapy department, primarily treating musculoskeletal outpatient and orthopaedics inpatients in Salisbury. Alongside which he continued to work with semi-professional football clubs in the South-West and running musculoskeletal outpatient clinics in several leisure centres.

During London 2012 Paralympic Games, Darren provided physiotherapy to the athletes and coaches.

Darren is working alongside Mr Andrew Chambler, in the Specialist Orthopaedic Shoulder Clinics and worked hard to gain an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy at Bath University in 2017.

Serena Clarke
MCSP Senior Physiotherapist

Serena qualified as a chartered physiotherapist in 2012, and began her professional career working with North Bristol NHS Trust.  Over the three years she gained vast experience across physiotherapy in acute care rehabilitation before joining Circle Bath in 2015 to work with the Inpatient team.  

Passionate about Inpatient Rehabilitation, Serena took on the senior role on inpatients/daycase in 2016 and is involved in the on-going development of student physiotherapists within elective orthopaedics. 

In addition she also plays an active part in the drive to continually improve patient experience and is currently focused on pre op/post op patient education via our joint schools and hydrotherapy service.  

Out of work Serena enjoys active sports, particularly triathlons.

Rafal Gryglas

Rafal graduated from the Physical Academy Katowice, Poland, in 2011 as a physiotherapist. After qualifying Rafal moved to the UK, working first within the care home sector before joining Circle Bath in 2015 as a physiotherapy assistant.

He is a key part of the Inpatient team, and has an active involvement in the provision of patient care, ensuring the best possible experience for our patients. Rafal gained his accreditation with HCPC to become a chartered physiotherapist here in the UK in 2017.

In his freetime, Rafal enjoys spending time with his family, playing football, cycling and snowboarding.

Claire Hall
MCSP Hand Physiotherapist

Claire is a Clinical Specialist Hand Physiotherapist at Circle Bath. After completing a BSc in Physiotherapy in Cardiff in 1993, Claire worked for 3 years at Salisbury District Hospital gaining experience in Burns, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics and Hand Rehabilitation.

She then travelled to Georgetown, Guyana where she worked for VSO for two years, working in a busy public hospital treating a variety of conditions, including many traumatic hand injuries. While in Guyana Claire also had the opportunity to work with the Guyanese and West Indies Cricket teams.

On her return to the UK in 1998, Claire took up a position as Senior Physiotherapist at Frenchay Hand Centre in Bristol, treating acute and chronic hand conditions, post- operative hands - both trauma and elective surgery and paediatrics, including congenital hands. While at Frenchay Claire gained experience in management as Deputy Superintendent Physiotherapist as well as completing a leadership and management course.

Claire joined the Circle Bath team in early 2012 and has since also become part of the Inpatient Physiotherapy team.

Sue Ross
Physiotherapy Administrator

Following graduation from York University more years ago than she cares to remember, Sue has followed a varied and eclectic career, beginning as a graduate trainee with S E Thames Regional Health Authority. Episodes in midwifery and general administration at Royal United Hospital strengthened her roots within the healthcare workplace, before she branched out into commerce.

Working first for a blue chip multi-national company, and then later for a small business enterprise, Sue has honed her skills in administration, business and financial management over a number of years.

2015 marks her return to the healthcare environment, where she attempts to organise the physiotherapy team to the very best of her ability. It’s a challenge, but someone has to try …

Matt Shepherd
MCSP Senior Physiotherapist

Matt is a senior physiotherapist who specializes in musculoskeletal outpatients and sports physiotherapy.

Having graduated from Huddersfield University in 2002 he worked for a number of years within local NHS Hospitals before specialising into sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. With extensive post graduate training in Manual therapy, acupuncture, taping and rehabilitation he has acquired the skills to manage complex presentations with expertise. 

Jenny Chapman
Physiotherapy Assistant

Jenny is a Physiotherapy Assistant who has arrived at this point via the slightly unconventional route of English teaching and Pharmacy dispensing. After a bout of world travel, Jenny finally decided on a sensible and rewarding career path. She enjoys aiding the department’s smooth running, especially through patient contact when teaching mobilisation after surgery and leading the very popular hydrotherapy group sessions. When not presenting Joint Schools and rehabilitating patients, she loves to run, particularly in a ridiculous costume, and regularly practices yoga. In 2018 Jenny also took on the role of Staff Health and Wellbeing Coach which involves looking after the excellent staff at Circle Bath, utilising her diploma in Sports Massage to iron out the knots in their hard-working muscles, and soothing their hard-working minds with a variety of events and activities.

Sally Wayte
Occupational Therapist

Sally is an Occupational Therapist at the CircleBath Hospital. She trained at the Derby School of Occupational Therapy qualifying with a Diploma of Occupational Therapy in August 1979. She moved to Bath and started working life at the Royal United Hospital and completed a rotational job covering Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Adult Psychiatry and Child Developmental issues. Between 1981-1984 she worked for Bath and North East Somerset Social Services as a Community Occupational Therapist.

Following a career break to have a family she returned to Occupational Therapy after completing the ‘Return to Practice’ scheme operating in West Wiltshire in 2003. This led on to working for Wiltshire Department of Community Services as a Community Occupational Therapist for the next 7 years.

In May 2011 Sally started working at CircleBath where Occupational Therapy is closely allied with the Physiotherapy Department and she continues to work here in a part-time capacity. The role at present mainly covers planned surgical interventions where patients are seen as Out-patients before being admitted for their surgery but also covers In-patients where issues can be many and varied including orthopaedic, medical, trauma and the terminally ill.

Sally is married and has three grown up daughters. She enjoys gardening, walking, playing the piano and visiting her daughters in various parts of the world.


Jane Flanders
Senior Physiotherapist

Jane has been practicing Physiotherapy since graduating from University of the West of England in 2011. She has worked in Bath and the surrounding areas during this time in a variety of specialisms; including Rheumatology and Neuro Rehab. She has worked at Circle Bath and prior to that, Circle Reading since 2013.

Since having two children, she has now chosen to focus her career on Women’s Health, using her additional qualifications of Acupuncture and Advanced Yoga teaching to add a more holistic dimension to her work. She is passionate about improving quality of life for her patients in a way that works with their lives and needs.

Clare Chapman
Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist

Clare is a senior Respiratory Physiotherapist. Qualifying at The Middlesex Hospital in 1988 she stayed in London for several years before moving to Bath where she worked on the acute medical surgical and intensive care wards. Following completing a Respiratory Physiotherapy Diploma at The Brompton Hospital she became the Respiratory Team lead at the RUH. Following a career break and qualification as a Buteyko Breathing practitioner, Clare now works in the community with patients affected by chronic respiratory disease. She also sees patients at Circle with Respiratory Conditions including COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Dysfunctional breathing. Clare has recently completed the Education for Health Asthma Diploma and is a member of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, the Interstitial Lung disease Interdisciplinary Network, the Buteyko Breathing Association and the Physiotherapy for Hyperventilation Syndrome Group.


Lizzie Fotland

Lizzie first completed a BSc in Psychology at University of Bath in 2015 followed by an MSc Physiotherapy course at University of Birmingham in 2018. She is particularly interested in mental health within MSK physiotherapy, specifically how mental health issues can affect injury, rehabilitation and recovery in patients within and outside hospitals. Lizzie has worked in a range of settings, including research at University of Cambridge, football Pitch Side First Aid, and as a Massage Therapist.  Outside of working hours she enjoys downhill skiing, skateboarding, and surfing.


Amanda Drew

Amanda Drew (Mandy) qualified with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton in 1994. After qualifying she worked at The Royal United Hospital Bath where she completed her experience as part of the junior rotations team covering many aspects of physiotherapy treatment. Once she had completed this she then moved to St James’s University Hospital in Leeds where she was a Senior II on the Outpatient and Orthopaedic rotation. Whilst in Leeds Mandy was also the team Physiotherapist for Leeds Tykes rugby union.

After taking a career break to go travelling Mandy returned to Bath in 2000 and joined the physiotherapy team in private practice at BMI Bath Clinic. In 2006 Mandy completed her MSc in Sports Physiotherapy. During her time at Bath Clinic, she worked in Outpatients and Hydrotherapy – with a special interest in Knees and post-operative rehabilitation.

Mandy was also the team Physiotherapist for Keynsham Rugby Club and Keynsham Ladies Football Team. This allowed her to expand her interest in sports physiotherapy to enable players to recover from injuries and regain their fitness levels faster and more effectively.

Mandy joined the Physiotherapy team at Circle Bath in May 2018 working in Outpatients and Hydrotherapy.

Maria Tudgee
Physiotherapy Assistant

Maria achieved a Diploma in Sports Therapy in 2001 and went on to work for Bournemouth Hospital as a Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant, helping newly discharged patients. Having developed  a passion for working with older people she also ran seated exercise classes in Nursing Homes and took patients on prescribed Health Walks at the local Bournemouth beach.

Following a complete change of career working for 12 years at Bristol Airport Police Unit, patrolling around the terminal wishing she was the one going on holiday, she has returned to the clinical environment she enjoys.

In her free time Maria likes cycling in the countryside, aquafit, travelling and creating stained glass sculptures.


Tom Cooper Podiatrist

BSc (hons) SRCh MChS

Member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (MChS)

Tom offers podiatry services to patients at Circle Bath hospital through the physiotherapy department.

Tom graduated from the Cardiff School of Podiatry in 2005 and has since established himself as a Clinical Director and Partner at ACE Feet in Motion. He has always had an interest in human movement and since graduating has dedicated his time to learning about the complex movements within the human foot and how these movements effect the ankle and leg above them.

ACE – Feet in Motion was established in 2001 to provide foot/ankle and lower limb injury services using computerised foot pressure plate scanning equipment. The use of such scanners allow Tom to analyse the biomechanics of the foot whilst in motion and identify any irregularities in foot function. Such irregularities may give rise to various common injuries such as shin splints, foot, ankle, knee or hip pain. All types of corrective insoles are manufactured at our Cardiff facility, where they have state of the art CAD CAM equipment for fast effective production.

Tom one of the official Podiatrists to the Welsh Rugby Union, Cardiff City F.C., Welsh Athletics, The federation of Disability Sports Wales and more recently Welsh Netball.  

Tom been working with Circle Bath to provide their Podiatry service since 2011 and form part of a multi-disciplinary team including Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic specialists and Physicians. 

If you are experiencing sports specific pain or are burdened with pain on a daily basis then Tom can help.

Visit Tom Cooper's consultant profile here

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