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Your knee is described as a 'hinge joint', meaning it allows the leg to extend and bend in one direction only.

Somewhat surprisingly, the knee joint is, in fact, the largest joint in the human body. This does mean however that when something goes wrong with it, your mobility can be dramatically reduced very quickly.

Your knee is susceptible to wear and tear by a number of means (both injury and bone disease), and this can lead to severe pain for you.

At Circle Bath our two priorities with your knee surgery are always to:

  • treat you quickly so that you’re not in pain any longer.
  • give you function back in the knee so that you can mobilise quickly and carry on enjoying life as soon as possible.

(All without months of debilitating knee pain with you hobbling around because you’re waiting for an appointment in a regular hospital)

At Circle Bath, your knee surgery will be carried out in our dedicated Knee Unit. Having this specialist unit means that all our staff are experts in their field and are able to focus on getting you treated and then up and moving quickly and safely.

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When you book an appointment with us, you’ll be seen by one of our friendly consultants who specialise in knee problems. They’ll chat with you about your knee pain, your symptoms and your previous medical history to get a clear understanding of things.

Your consultant will have a thorough, expert examination of your knee and will probably ask you to bend your knee to varying degrees as part of this examination. This will help them to understand exactly what the issues are and will allow them to see the range of motion you currently have in your knee and precisely where and when you experience any pain and discomfort.

If your consultant would like any further tests carried out to aid diagnosis you’ll have them carried out on the very same day (we don’t want you to have the hassle of needing to come back to us on a different day just for these tests).

Tests they may want to carry out include:

  • an X-ray of your knee
  • a CT scan of your knee: this can help the consultant visualise your bones in 3D, giving them a clearer picture of what’s going on.
  • an MRI scan of your knee: this is particularly good when muscular or ligament and tendon issues are suspected.
  • a blood test: to check if there are any signs of inflammation or infection that may be causing your knee pain.

Not all of these tests will be carried out, and the consultant may want you to have additional tests that aren’t listed here. These will all be thoroughly explained to you beforehand so that you know how the tests will be carried out and why they’re being done.

You’ll be pleased to know that we believe in giving you a quick, accurate diagnosis, on the same day as your consultation. After all, why should you have to wait for a fortnight (or longer) for your results to come back? A longer wait for results just means additional pain, discomfort and uncertainty that you don’t need.

It should be noted that sometimes after this initial meeting the consultant may decide that you don’t require knee surgery and that treatment can be by some other means (for example, physiotherapy).

If it’s determined that you do require knee surgery, the consultant will talk you through the process thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.

If you do require knee surgery, we believe that you’ll find no better place to have it done than Circle Bath.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, purpose-built Knee Unit and a medical team that includes some of the top knee surgeons in the country, you can be assured of being in expert hands.

At Circle Bath, we like to do things differently. That’s why, unlike many other hospitals, you’ll benefit by:

  • receiving your treatment within two weeks of initial diagnosis: with no waiting lists, we can get you treated and back to good health quickly.
  • being treated in our specialist Knee Unit: where every member of staff is an expert on knee surgery and can answer any questions you may have
  • our multidisciplinary team: we have built an incredibly strong and diverse team of like-minded medical experts who all work together every day to achieve the best possible result for everyone we treat. Being able to draw upon such a vast amount of shared experience is of immense benefit to our team.
  • a dedicated physiotherapy team: to ensure you’re able to mobilise quickly and to get back on your feet safely.
  • attending Joint School: before your operation, you’ll be able to come and learn all about it from our nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. You’ll also receive a handy booklet that explains the whole process and lets you know what to expect. You’ll also come back twice after your operation for further support in a friendly community environment.

We know that you’d prefer not to need an operation on your knee. But if you do require one why not have it done by the very best surgeons, in the very finest hospital and with the very best possible care?

The Stryker Mako robotic-arm system is a state-of-the-art technology that assists surgeons in knee joint replacements. It has been described as ‘the gold standard’ of hip and knee joint replacement.

Since 2006, more than 100,000 total procedures have been performed with Mako around the world.

This proven and trusted system provides several patient benefits over and above standard surgery, including:

  • A surgical procedure customised to the patient’s exact requirements - the Mako system develops a pre-op plan and guides and assists the surgeon during surgery to ensure implants are placed in the optimum position
  • New levels of accuracy within the operation - the system allows fine adjustments as the surgeon requires to get the most accurate result
  • These factors lead to faster recovery time with less post-op pain

For more information on Mako Robotic-Assisted Surgery, click here.

Our Private Patient Advisors are available to answer your questions about becoming a patient from 8am to 6pm during the week and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

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