About Circle Health

About Circle Health

An introduction to Circle Health Group

We were founded in 2004 by a group of doctors and managers who believed in a fresh approach to healthcare. We wanted to create a culture of partnership where each staff member is empowered and feels able to make a real difference, where the best management ideas from other sectors to health were applied, and where patients come first above all else.

We opened our first hospital in Nottingham in 2008 – a high-volume elective treatment centre, designed, built and commissioned with clinicians and patients' needs in mind, with an 'outstanding' rating for surgery from the CQC.

In 2010, we built our first private hospital in Bath, with an award-winning building designed by Norman Foster. In 2012, we then opened our second hospital in Reading, improving the model pioneered in Bath.

In 2014, we started the UK's first-ever fully integrated musculoskeletal service, in Bedfordshire, reflecting our growing expertise in integrated care and orthopaedic treatment. Its success led to a similar service being launched in 2017 in Greenwich, and new services in Rushcliffe and Northamptonshire in 2018.

Circle Health Group is now one of the largest independent healthcare providers in the UK, having recently acquired BMI Healthcare. The group operates 53 independent hospitals, runs integrated care programmes and rehabilitation services, and has an overseas division which operates two purpose-built clinics in Shanghai, China.

Circle has built its reputation on extensive clinical engagement and excellent outcomes. We believe that clinicians know best how to deliver care. Over the past decade, at our hospitals across the UK, we have refined the tools, culture and structures needed to free up doctors and nurses to focus on patients.

We have seen this model win attention for its efficiency and quality – with clinical outcomes consistently showing excellent performance – including a number of high-profile awards. In 2015, for example, we were named Private Hospital Group of the Year by LaingBuisson.

Our private hospitals offer a range of specialities, including orthopaedic, ENT, general surgery, gynaecological, gastrointestinal, neurospinal surgery and more, supported by diagnostic services.

The twin objectives at the heart of the design and operation of our hospitals are:

  • an excellent environment for patients
  • first-class clinical facilities

Circle aims to bring hospitality back to hospitals, and create an atmosphere conducive to health and long term rehabilitation.

In our private hospitals, patient bedrooms are en-suite, while meals are freshly prepared on-site by a team of experienced chefs. On-site parking provides easy access.

Our buildings have a calming atmosphere and beautiful architecture, with the layout of theatres, rooms and services designed for ease of patient journeys around the hospital.

Clinical facilities are fit for cutting-edge practice.

Our hospitals’ layout and design aim for operational efficiency, while high-end technology is used as standard throughout consulting rooms and theatres.

Clinical rooms are designed with clinicians’ needs and preferences in mind – with Circle’s clinicians hospitals contributing to create designs and layouts that make it easier to provide great care.

Our forthcoming Circle Birmingham Hospital is being constructed to allow for future expansion as required, and to be adaptable as medicine and technology evolve.

Circle Birmingham Hospital is a centre of excellence, providing a peaceful and comfortable place for clinicians and patients alike.

Circle Birmingham Hospital is packed with the latest technology – and with the capacity to extend theatres and inpatient facilities as demand increases.

The state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre for MSK and neurological patients is across two floors. The centre has 120 rehabilitation beds and a collection of advanced rehabilitation equipment that’s rare to find in the UK but can make a real difference to a patient's recovery.

Opened in 2012, Circle Reading Hospital has 30 inpatient beds, 20 daycase beds and 15 consultation rooms for outpatient appointments. This state-of-the-art building has five theatres, equipped with the latest technologies and an extensive rehabilitation department. Designed to feel modern, relaxed and homely so you can enjoy your stay in comfort.

We offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, delivered by some of Berkshire's leading consultants.

Circle Reading developed the look and feel of care first tried in Bath and sees approximately 4,500 patients each month and around 600 of these are daycase patients.

Circle Rehabilitation was launched in March 2017, built on a medically led, international best practice model for rehabilitation, with the service offering residential and outpatient care for patients following surgery or injury, covering three key areas of MSK, neurological and sports treatments.

First launched in Circle Reading Hospital, it combines a luxurious hospitality experience, expert consultants and state-of-the-art technology to aid patient recovery.

Circle Birmingham Hospital contains two separate floors dedicated to rehabilitation. It follows a successful introduction of this service in our hospital in Reading, which has transformed lives by helping patients keep their independence.

Circle Birmingham's rehabilitation department will accelerate the recovery of patients after musculoskeletal surgery, thanks to a highly skilled team and a full suite of advanced technology that’s rare in the UK. It will also deliver neurological rehabilitation for patients who have suffered from a stroke or other neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.

Incorporating best practice from the continent, our approach will deliver a new standard for how rehabilitation is provided in the Midlands by following the European model of rehabilitation.

Circle Integrated Care operates a single hub for MSK services across the Bedfordshire region and in Greenwich as a "prime contractor". This places Circle in charge of organising the system and integrating all the providers around a central service. Any patient requiring treatment for MSK is referred to the hub for specialist triage by their GP, and they are sent on to the right care. The patients are then offered choice over who provides the service, being able, for example, to choose which hospital they attend.

Circle Integrated Care also provides a referral management service in Northamptonshire and an integrated provider hub for the population of Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire.

At the heart of every great company is a set of shared beliefs. We call ours The Circle Credo and it guides everything we do.

Our purpose

To build a great company dedicated to our patients.

Our parameters

We focus our efforts exclusively on:

  • What we are passionate about.
  • What we can become best at.
  • What drives our economic sustainability.

Our principles

  • We are above all the agents of our patients. We aim to exceed their expectations every time so that we earn their trust and loyalty. We strive to continuously improve the quality and the value of the care we give our patients.
  • We empower our people to do their best. Our people are our greatest asset. We should select them attentively and invest in them passionately. As everyone matters, everyone who contributes should be a Partner in all that we do. In return, we expect them to give their patients all that they can.
  • We are unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence. We embrace innovation and learn from our mistakes. We measure everything we do and we share the data with all to judge. Pursuing our ambition to be the best healthcare provider is a never-ending process. 'Good enough' never is.

Most of the consultants treating patients in our facilities are not Circle employees but rather self-employed practitioners. They practice their specialities in accordance with the terms of our Practicing Privileges policy. Click here to read about the arrangements we have with referring clinicians.

Circle Health Group supports equality through fair pay. We ensure our male and female employees are paid equally for the same roles and responsibilities by regularly undertaking internal audits and reviewing pay rates. Circle has a robust recruitment process and policies that promote and embed a culture of diversity and inclusion, where the outcome of any selection, promotion and remuneration decision is based on merit, underpinned by objective criteria and free from bias.

Under the statutory requirements, we are required to report gender pay gap figures for our employing entities with more than 250 employees.

The Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) is the representative body for independent sector healthcare providers. In partnership with The Patients Association, IHPN have created a short animation to help explain what patients can expect from independent healthcare. Please watch the video here.

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