Total duct excision (microdochectomy)

Total duct excision procedure, also known as microdochectomy, is a surgical procedure performed to diagnose and remove one or all milk ducts that is causing nipple discharge that may be discoloured and, in severe cases, may have blood present. It can also cause the affected nipple to appear abnormal.

What does this involve?

After an examination, which may include radiology imaging technology, you may undergo a microdochectomy procedure. While you are under general anaesthesia, your surgeon will remove the problematic ducts beneath the nipple. The removed ducts and tissue will be sent for testing to determine the cause of the discharge.

When will I recover?

You may be required to stay overnight. You may be provided to bring a well-fitting bra that you may be dressed in following surgery, in order to support the breast and wound. You will be able to shower after 24 hours of the operation. You must wait seven days before you use a bath and fully submerge the wound. You may be able to return to light activities within a week.