Sport and industrial hand injury treatment

What are sport and industrial hand injuries?

Sports men and women bring a special dimension to hand surgery, since their hands carry a significant part of their identity and their expression. They also bring special requirements not only in assessment but also in timescale.

Those involved in sport at a high level often operate on strict deadlines and may be facing selection trials or career landmarks. Their natural inclination is to play through pain and instability and to shorten any enforced time away from their sport.

What does treatment involve?

Often, relatively minor intervention, conservative or surgical, will resolve a problem. This is sometimes combined with a review of practice, posture, and playing habits.

The surgeon who specialises in sport hand injuries is well aware of your needs as a sports man or woman and will cater treatment accordingly, adapting the management to the particular requirements to minimise the impact on career and performance. He/she will also advise on how general fitness can be maintained during recovery and inaction. Splintage and/or taping which permit early return to activity forms part of management.